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From Tim

posted Feb 3, 2010, 7:14 PM by Katherine Wood
I wanted to offer my condolences and tell the family my thoughts,

I only met Travis once, at Becky's birthday party at our home, I had a conversation with Travis and found he was a very genuine, smart person. I find it difficult to connect with people sometimes especially being deeply enthralled in technology based topics as I am, but I found he was very knowledgeable in every subject I was talking about, and I understood what he was talking about, so we kinda clicked :-)
I know he was a very loving father and husband, and my thoughts are with all of you that knew and loved Travis, as a friend, a husband, and a father, a son.

I have not lost many people that I knew or were close to in my lifetime, but the loss of losing someone I have only met once as hit me harder than I thought possible, I guess you just know when a person is a great person. I know that every time I meet someone that gives me a blank stare when I talk about what is passionate to me, I will think of Travis doing the opposite. He truly was a great person, I know this to be true.