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From the Stergious Family

posted Feb 5, 2010, 12:52 PM by Katherine Wood
We had the pleasure of knowing Garrick's father, Travis through our son's school. Garrick and our son are in the same grade and have been going to school since kindergarten.  Our beginning memories of The Wood Family started in August 2005 in kindergarten.  I remember every day Travis would come to pick up Garrick from school. He always had Veronica with him.  She was a cutie pie. We would see Travis almost every day for the next good 3 years picking Garrick up. He was a very loving, dedicated, wonderful father. there were many times during the early years I thought to myself, how wonderful he has chosen to stay with the kids while they were young. Travis was almost always at Garrick's class parties for school, the field trip to the LA Zoo in 2nd grade, and regularly came for lunch visits when Garrick was in 1st and 2nd grade. Recent memories of Travis have been at both Garrick and Wesley's 9th birthday parties.  Wesley always looks forward to the fun boy Mulligan parties Garrick has had the past couple years.  You saw the passion Travis had in his eyes for his son Garrick. George and I were just talking about how loving of a family The Woods are.  Two years in a row you attended the skating party the four of you. Out of all of the parents, there are only a few parents that ever try skating. This past year at Wesley's 9th birthday, I remember Travis helping Veronica with the Limbo game.  She did so well. I remember fondly, him on the skating rink with his shoes on helping her not fall while she was skating.  And she did real well with the limbo.  Both Travis and Kathy ALWAYS gave skating a try at our party.  Not to many parents would even attempt it.  I ALWAYS saw the two of them giving there best.  it was great.  You both were not afraid to have fun and give it a try.  When I saw Kathy skating on the floor, I would look over and see Travis on the side with his shoes on helping the kids. Or vice-versa. May your love for each other and your dedication to your children and family be an example to everyone what a true family is.  Our family is still in shock and heart broken. It really gives you a prospective on life and how short life really is. We will all miss Travis. We will all miss seeing him at school. Out of all of the fathers in the past 5 years at our school, Travis was always there for Garrick and Veronica. We will miss seeing him in years to come, but will always know he is still there with us in spirit. Our prayers and blessings are with Garrick and his loss of his father.  He is a wonderful, creative, very intelligent little boy that still holds lots of innocence in him.  May God bless Kathy, Garrick and Veronica.  Travis, you will be deeply missed and never forgotten. May your legacy live within the hearts and souls of your two beautiful children.
Love Always.
The Stergious Family
George, Amber and Wes