It was over forty years ago that 18 year old college student, Georgeann Hawkins, left the world. Her death came as a shock to her Washington hometown, and her killer has gained worldwide notoriety. Tragically, Miss Hawkins name is linked to her killer and we often don’t pay attention to her, or any of the other young women who died at his hands. But this page is dedicated to remembering Georgeann Hawkins life and legacy. In the short 18 years Miss Hawkins lived on this earth, she touched so many lives. Her friends, family, and peers have the fondest memories of her and remember her as the lovely person she was.


I think it’s important to mention that I am in no way related or affiliated with Miss Hawkins or her family. I myself never got the privilege to know or meet her. I decided to construct this memorial page after reading an article from the Green Valley News where Miss Hawkins mother spoke on how she would like her daughter to be remembered (You can read that article here). I hope that if her family, friends, or peers who knew her come across this page, I hope they feel that I gave Georgeann’s memory justice.


Georgeann Hawkins was born in the beautiful mid-port urbanization Tacoma Pierce County Washington, on Saturday, 20 August 1955. From the old 19th century British nursery rhyme, Monday's Child, Georgeann was destined to be “loving, giving, and work hard for a living” having been born on a Saturday. Her academic performance in school and the warm reception she would receive from her school mates would help her live up to the “Monday’s Child” prophet.  Not only was she Saturday’s child, but she was also the daughter of the mighty lion zodiac, Leo. Like most Leo’s, Georgeann was generous to everyone around her, ambitious with her schoolwork (as she was a straight A student), and loyal to those she loved.

As a child Georgeann couldn’t sit still and she loved to talk as her mother, Edie Hawkins, recalled in a 2014 Green Valley News article. Georgeann’s fidgety and vibrant personality and talkative nature dolled her character up so much that her peers where instantly drawn to her and loved being around her. She was so well loved that her mother dubbed Georgeann the “Pied Piper” (after the German fairytale) because like the piper, she could get people to follower her with her vibrant personality.  Although she was popular and had many admires, she was not a stuck up vain mean girl by any means. She treated everyone with respect and was friends with everyone. She was also a very athletic induvial and swam competitively as a young girl. When she got to high school she transitioned from swimming to cheerleading.

As she began to mature, her looks blossomed too. She had fair skin, charming brown eyes, long silky brown hair, and a beautiful oval shaped face. In Anne Rule’s best-selling novel, The Stranger Beside Me, she describes Georgeann as “one of those golden girls” and having a “vivacious pixie like quality to her loveliness”. Georgeann was a petite woman standing at 5’2” and weighing a mere 120lbs.

The biggest year of her life came during her senior year of High School when she was named a Princesses the court of the Daffodil Festival (a yearly regional festival and royalty leadership program that promotes education, public spirit, and being involved with the community of Washington). Being dubbed a “Daffodil Princesses”, Georgeann frequently traveled around the state of Washington to attend public events, meeting young children, signing autographs, riding parade floats, and giving speeches. One of the biggest highpoints of her reign as a Daffodil Princess was when she took a trip to the state Legislature and addressed the Washington lawmakers.

Georgeann graduated from Lakes High School class of 1973 with straight A’s and high honor roll. Her older sister, Patti, had previously attended Central Washington University, which was several hours away from their home. Hawkins mother wanted Georgeann close to home and suggested she attend the University of Washington which was closer to home. At college Georgeann excelled in all her classes and managed to keep her grades high. In her spare time she enjoyed the college nightlife and hanging out with her friends.

Georgeann last saw her mother in May of 1974 when she came home for a few days in honor of mother’s day. Her mother recalls that after Georgeann left to return to school, she sent flowers to her for mother’s day. At that point Georgeann was less than a month away from finishing her first year of college. She had planned to spend the summer of 1974 working for the Pierce County in Tacoma so she could support herself during the school year. Tragically Georgeann’s life came to a tragic end on the early morning hours of June 11, 1974 when she was abducted from an alley behind her sorority house and murdered. Her death came as a shock and shook her community.

Georgeann Hawkins death may have been tragic, but her life certainly was not. She may have only been given 18 years on this earth, but in those 18 years she touched the hearts of so many people, went many places, and achieved so many accomplishments. There are many things that we can learn from Geogreann’s short but fruitful life.

Georgeann was a perfect example of what a person can do if they believe in themselves, work hard, and are determined enough. Georgeann always worked tirelessly on her academics and always came out on top. In today’s world, an education is very essential to making it a good living. Georgeann herself was very intelligent and had much potential to be anything she wanted. Anyone would’ve been privileged to have had such an intelligent and beautiful woman like Georgeann on their work force.

Georgeann was also the perfect candidate for interior and exterior beauty. While she was beautiful on the outside, she was beautiful on the inside too. Her soul was good and pure. She always made friends and treated everyone with the upmost respect and showed the most affectionate love. In today’s world there is so much violence and hate, and the best thing to cure that is unconditional love. Georgeann demonstrated that love and kindness can go a long way in a chain of reaction.

In conclusion, one of the best ways to remember Georgeann is to always believe in yourself, never give up, and treat everyone with the upmost conditional love. When you do something like this, Georgeann will smile down upon you from heaven and she will be proud of you.