(Updated on 25 June 2019)

Before school Remedial Programme (RP) – P1 & P2

The school is always committed to support our students in their journey of acquiring knowledge and skills. The school adopts a targeted approach to support students who did not meet the minimum requirements or are underperforming in a subject. Only selected students will be requested to come before school for Remedial Programme (RP).

The objective of this programme is to close students’ learning gaps so as to enable them to achieve better progress in their learning. Thus, the class size for the remedial lessons is kept small to ensure effective remediation. Remedial lessons are not an extension of the school curriculum. Rather, they will focus on the mastery of the concepts/topics taught during curriculum time.

The list of students who are required to attend the RP will be reviewed every semester. Teachers will monitor the performance of the students closely and students will be discharged from the RP when they have demonstrated the ability to keep up with the pace of learning in class. 

Before School Structure


Primary 2*

Primary 1*







11 am -12 nn














Lunch : 12nn -12.30 pm

*Please refer to the consent form for the specific venues for the remedial lessons.

Commencement :

The Remediation Programme will start in:

Term / Week

For Selected Students from

Term 3 week 2

Primary 1

Term 3 week 2

Primary 2

If your child/ward is identified to attend the RP, he/she will receive a consent form and the detailed schedule of the weekly remedial lessons from the Form Teacher.  Please make the necessary arrangements (e.g. transportation and lunch) for your child/ward to attend these lessons.

We seek your cooperation to inform your child’s/ward’s remedial subject teacher(s) if your child/ward needs to be excused from any remedial lesson as attendance will be taken.

For clarifications, please contact your child’s/ward’s Form Teacher or Mr. Lee Hong Khim at Tel:  6353 9450 or Lee_Hong_Khim@moe.edu.sg.