RopeCon and Cableway Expertise

REM is closely affiliated with the Doppelmayer/Garaventa group and is Agent for Doppelmayr Transport Technology in the Southern African region.  Through years of close collaboration with Doppelmayer, REM has both the technology expertise and resources to conceive, develop and realize RopeCon and Cableway projects in Africa and beyond. In particular, REM provides:
  • Initial feasibility, benefit and risk analysis.
  • Detailed design and engineering services.
  • Project planning, management and execution. 
  • Final commissioning, training certification and project handover.
In brief, REM has the experience and know-how to execute a wide range of RopeCon and cable-way technology. To learn more about these technologies and their applications to materials transport and people transport as well as the numerous financial, logistical and ecological benefits please visit our technology page.

Project Management and Execution

REM Construction Consultants is a Specialist service consulting firm who undertakes design, project management and deliver turn-key projects.  The firm is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  
REM has now focused on people and material transport opportunities.  REM will undertake 
  • Concept and full feasibility studies of transport options
  • Specialist Cable Technology application to Tourism, Urban Transport, Construction, Mining and Industries.
  • Overall Project Co-ordination of a project into existing and future infrastructre and services
  • Risk reviews of Capital Projects
This Consulting Services and technology is focused on introducing dramatically improved materials handling costs in the fields of :- 
  • Open-cast mining
  • Underground Mining
  • Mining surface transport
  • Industry/Commercial  Materials Handling
  • Tourism and urban Transport
  • Construction cranes and transport systems
REM Construction Consultants is the Southern Africa contact for the all the Doppelmayr-Garaventa Group Cable Technology products and is your first step toward deploying Cableway and Ropeway systems including the unique RopeCon technology .

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