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Second RopeCon® for the Booysendal expansion project

Booysendal Platinum (Pty) Limited (Booysendal), a subsidiary of Northam Platinum Limited (Northam), a South African based platinum and chrome producer, is currently expanding mining capacity at its Booysendal mining concession.

Key to the success of this expansion is the cost effective, reliable, safe and environmentally low impact transport of ore over topographically challenging terrain, from mining modules in the south of the concession to the concentrator plant.

To this end, Doppelmayr Transport Technology GmbH (Doppelmayr), headquartered in Austria and a subsidiary of the Doppelmayr group, the world's leading manufacturer of ropeways, is currently constructing a RopeCon® system which will transport up to 900 tph over 4.9km, with an overall vertical climb of 530m. This system is due to operate from 2019.

As part of an additional expansion program, Booysendal, in October 2017, further contracted Doppelmayr to design and construct a second RopeCon®, to tie in with the first system, allowing transport of ore from mining modules in the north of the concession. This RopeCon® system will convey 400 tph, over 2.8km, with a vertical drop of 160m and will operate from 2020.

Company Profile

REM Construction Consultants was formed in 1998 to undertake small and mid-level engineering consulting,
design and project management. Our team now focuses on projects that involves bulk material transport on
fixed routes -in mining and industry.

REM is one of the world-wide partners of Doppelmayr Transport Technology GmbH of Austria (DTT) and REM is the Authorised Agent for DTT in the Southern Africa - a total of 9 countries in the region.
REM also promotes and studies the application of personnel Cable-ways for tourism and local transportation throughout the region.

Our small team has over 90 years of combined experience in the South African market. REM has expertise and experience in the areas of
  • Mining Technology - underground, open cast and waste handling systems
  • Associated Project Feasibility Studies and Risk analysis
  • Assessment of possible application of Rope Technology systems as economic options
  • Project monitoring & co-ordination of the Ropeway systems with the other directly associated equipment & services etc
  • Assistance on the Construction co-ordination and management
REM provides the expertise in the technology as part of the Client teams and operating staff.  Our team supports the review of the project concepts and will provide advice on whether the RopeCon or Cable-ways systems are viable options to be considered by the Client. Once an option is accepted the Client team can develop the contract direct with DTT (Doppelmayr Transport Technology).

RopeCon and Cableway Expertise

REM is closely affiliated with the Doppelmayer/Garaventa group and is Agent for Doppelmayr Transport Technology (known also as DTT) in the Southern African region.  Through years of close collaboration with Doppelmayer, REM has both the technology expertise and knowledge to conceive, develop and execute RopeCon and Cableway projects in Southern Africa and beyond.

Please visit our technology page to learn more about these technologies and their applications to materials transport and people transport as well as the numerous financial, logistical and ecological benefits 

Project Definition, Studies and Development

REM is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  We have undertaken the design, project management and delivery of engineering projects including a turn-key operation.  

REM now focuses on people and material transport opportunities with direct interest in Rope Technology application. This focus introduces dramatically improved materials handling systems and resulting economic improvements in the fields of :- 
  • Open-cast mining
  • Underground Mining
  • Mining surface transport
  • Industry/Commercial  Materials Handling
  • Tourism and urban Transport
  • Construction cranes and transport systems
 REM will undertake 
  • Concept and full Feasibility studies of transport options
  • Assistance in Mine planning adjustments and options
  • Recommending of Specialist Cable Technology application to Tourism, Urban Transport, Construction, Mining and Industries.
  • Assisting  Project Co-ordination of a project into existing and future infrastructure and services
  • Assisting or undertaking Risk reviews of Projects
  • Assisting with operation Approvals and Government Certification
REM Construction Consultants is the Southern Africa contact for the all the Doppelmayr-Garaventa Group Cable Technology products and is your first step toward deploying Cableway and Ropeway systems including the unique RopeCon technology .