Remarkable City

Every village, town or city was built for a reason. Some thrived and others died away. For those that died away, there were people who had a love for that hometown at one time. Each city or town has something there that makes it unique: a swinging bridge, a historic ice cream shop, a restaurant that was once a bordello! It is by listening to the stories of the townies, stopping in the libraries to look up old newspaper stories, and just putting pieces together as you walk around town that can suddenly make you realize the city is remarkable.
Sometimes life becomes so habitual that one drives by a lovely and quaint local park on the way to the county park that has been visited for years. Perhaps the mom and pop grocery store is overlooked because the supermarket has self-checkout.
Inside the boundaries of this website you will find stories of familiar and unfamiliar cities. They are all remarkable in some way. We welcome suggestions of cities, towns or villages you think are remarkable. Contact us through this website and tell us about your remarkable city and why you think it is unique. It is our intent to personally visit as many cities as possible so that we can tell their stories.