A Video Project


We are students at El Diamante High School, located in the Central Valley of California. Over the past four years, we have been producing teen pregnancy prevention videos with the hopes of lowering our nationally-recognized, high rate of pregnant teens.

Over the years, we have realized that teen pregnancies don’t just impact our community, but have nation wide repercussions. This year, we decided to reach out across the United States and beyond to collaborate on what could be done to lower this ever-growing statistic.  

Using the power of social media, we are looking for kids and professionals from everywhere to share the strategies that they are using to help prevent becoming a teen pregnancy statistic.

Thank you for filling out our survey.  You can see some of the results by visiting this page.

We are trying to provide kids strategies, refusal skills, alternatives to engaging in physical relationships and skills for coping with peer pressure.  We realize that it is easy make fun of this, but it is a serious issue where we live.  We appreciate you for taking it seriously.

Thank you for helping us!

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