Session 1
09:00-09:05   Welcome

09:05-10:05   Invited talk
Martha Palmer
: Going beyond shallow semantics
Abstract: Shallow semantic analyzers, such as semantic role labeling and sense tagging, are increasing in accuracy and becoming commonplace.  However, they only provide limited and local representations of local words and individual predicate-argument structures. This talk will address some of the current challenges in producing deeper, connected representations of eventualities. Available resources, such as VerbNet, FrameNet and TimeBank, that can assist in this process will also be discussed, as well as some of their limitations.
Mihai Surdeanu, David McClosky and Christopher Manning: Customizing an Information Extraction System to a New Domain
10:30-11:00   Morning break
Session 2
Şerbetçi Ayşe, Orhan Zeynep and Pehlivan İlknur: Extraction of Semantic Word Relations in Turkish from Dictionary Definitions
Anup Kolya, Dipankar Das, Asif Ekbal and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay: Identifying Event-Sentiment Association using Lexical Equivalence and Co-reference Approaches
Bob Coyne, Daniel Bauer and Owen Rambow: VigNet: Grounding Language in Graphics using Frame Semantics
12:15-13:40   Lunch
Session 3
Claire Bonial, Susan Windisch Brown, Jena D. Hwang, Christopher Parisien, Martha Palmer and Suzanne Stevenson: Incorporating Coercive Constructions into a Verb Lexicon ← was at 16:50
Emily Jamison: Using Grammar Rule Clusters for Semantic Relation Classification

14:30-15:30   Panel discussion
- Timothy Baldwin, The University of Melbourne
- Eduard Hovy, University of Southern California
- Saif Mohammad, National Research Council Canada
- Sebastian Riedel, University of Massachusetts

15:30-16:00   Afternoon break
Session 4
Sara Tonelli and Rodolfo Delmonte: Desperately Seeking Implicit Arguments in Text
Matthew Gerber, Joyce Chai, and Robert Bart: A Joint Model of Implicit Arguments for Nominal Predicates
Jinho Choi and Martha Palmer: Transition-based Semantic Role Labeling Using Predicate Argument Clustering ← was at 13:40
17:15-17:20 - Closing remarks