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The Little Girl And The Bicycle

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The Little Girl and The Bicycle
Gen. 17:10, 11
Circumcision of Boys Only - Never Any Girls!
Fitra = The Shaving of the Private Areas.
Moorish Holy Koran
XIV = 14
Seek Knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave even to the Walls of China

Need Our Very Own
Fire Extinguishers
Need Fruit Trees and Other Food Trees
Over Instead of Regular Trees
Holy Qur'an
Jinn = Spirit
Thank You - Good Europeans - Thank You!
Matt. 10:4
Gen. 9:22, Gen. 9:25 to 27, Gen. 10:18, Gen. 15:13, 14, Gen. 17:8
Levit. 13 to 15
Me Shams. On
Holy Qur'an
Kindly, Please, Donate to the Cause Donate, Please, Kindly!
Helpers take out Your Money give us the rest.
More or Less
Anything that it is or what is left!
Food and Money
Other Things!
75% Self / 25% Us
More or Less
Whatever You Can Please!
Right Away Soon
As Possible

I have been quite a bit sick from the age of 13 due to family abusive issues and other area concerns.
    Once upon a time I was about nine years old, a young Jehovah's Witness at the time. Well, one day my mother asked me to go out and gamble, play some numbers for her at the time. Well, I did not want to do it and refused, because first I was being taught at the time that gambling was wrong being a young Jehovah's Witness, my Grandmother that I was studying with then had taught me it was wrong. I said NO to my mother at that time because I believed in Jehovah God just that much, and plus I was afraid I knew it was wrong, and dangerous for me to do. So, what I did although my mother was getting angry, and everything, because she just kept asking me, and I knew she could even wanted to kill me over it, I said NO, because it was wrong to her, and I could not do it because Jehovah God did not approve of it at all, so I was taught by my Grandmother.
    I remember too one time when younger or at the same age that my mother made me do it, that I had gotten robbed, and could have even been killed by the robber, but my mother made me do it. Sorry, but I knew even then that it was wrong for me to go gambling for her, but as a nine year old boy I was so afraid of her that I went, and did it any way, getting robbed and nearly killed.
    I remember too one time being younger than even that at the age Five years old, that my mother was so bad that she went into a rage arguing with my Father pulling a telephone mounted on the wall out of the wall, and wanted to even hurt me at just Five years old. Well, I was just so strong but even still afraid of my mother that when she went to hurt me I defended myself at that time by breaking her wrist when I was just Five year old. My mother always would remind me of it herself always.
    I even remember that at Five years old, I had started school going to the First grade at the time, that my eldest sister Miriam had gotten jumped by a group of girls that was beating her nearly to death kicking her, and everything with umbrellas. Sorry, well me, and my Father Allan George Kinkead (gh'ain) born in April, 1901 was there I was born when he was 62 years old a Radio, Television repairman that use to carry tools on my back for, nearly having to even carry him too at times up Five flights of stairs because he was old, a smoker in bad health, dying, trying to work to help me get a good Catholic School European education, that we both worked together to pay for. It was as far as that he even had to carry he felt a screw driver to help protect himself he would tell me to run if anything happened and I always felt to myself that, that would be the only one time that I would have just had to let him get mad at me, because I would never leave his side but stay right there just to help defend him being always ever just so disobedient to him.
    Well, when it came to Miriam me and my father was there and saw what was happening to her. Well, my Father who died in 1982 as a Christian of which I had converted to be at the time with help of my youngest sister Wendy, he was just too scared to even want to even try to move at all to help my eldest Miriam, he was just too too too afraid to even want to try to move at all to help my eldest sister Miriam. I was there though with my Father looking at my eldest sister Miriam being nearly beaten too death by the girls with the umbrellas. Well, I wanted to move immediately and right away to jump in all by myself to help my eldest sister Miriam keep from being actually killed.
    All I was thinking of was jumping in to pull them off of her, grab at least one of their umbrellas to help her fight them off to save herself, but my own Father was just too too too afraid to do or even try to do anything at all to even want to help her at all, he at first froze, and had to fight me to keep me from jumping in to help my eldest sister Miriam from literally being killed, and murdered by the girls beating and kicking her with the umbrellas.
    This was when we were living on Ogden, and Nelson Avenue at 166th Street here in the Bronx, New York back then in front of elementary Public School - P.S. 73 on Anderson Avenue near 161st. Street, here in the Bronx, New York where I always have lived. That was back around the years of 1968 and 1973 which it was in 1973 that a Chinese Martial Artist named Bruce Lee was poisoned perhaps, mysteriously dying by his own Chinese people back then being some how dead it is believed for revealing hidden intriquet details about secrets pertaining to what they call their own forms of Martial Arts. GungFuGym.Bravesites.com Bruce Lee was then known before he died as the King of KungFu.
    At this time back around 1973 I met a Martial Artist who use to be able to go down into the snake stance < and catch knives in his hand that was being thrown at him in full speed. (SLEEP IS MY BEST TECHNIQUE THAT I MIGHT BE ABLE TO SHARE WITH OTHERS WHO ARE RIGHTEOUS.) Well, just before him I knew another Martial Artist named Monty = Montgomery who was a former 3rd Degree Shotokan Black Belt and U.S. Marine, just like myself. That is why when I was 17 years old I went in the Marines with the approval of both my parents. Well, this Martial Arts instructor that use to catch knives when I was around nine years old, I used a High - Side kick on him that reached right up to his chin, he must have been about 6'0" tall, I was not too tall at all, myself at that time about 5 feet tall or shorter, but my High - Side kick went right up to his chin, (Chin = Peace in Chinese) and I could have perhaps even almost killed him as well with just that one High - Side kick, and he was one that was able to catch knives being thrown at him at full speed.
    I thank my FATHER GOD ANU, ELIYUN, ALLAH as HE is called by so many other names as well sometimes for some of the things that I am able to do, being flexible with my lifestyle, understanding, knowledgeable, and all. I just love me some women nothing but women, nothing else either at all NO NOT REALLY ANYTHING ELSE just all the time always nothing but absolutely women. (See - For Polygamy Guidelines I have for myself: Sura 33 Holy Qur'an and ReligiousTruthRevealedbyGod.webs.com) I have always loved my FATHER GOD ANU, ELIYUN, ALLAH always ever since I was 3 years old. My mother use to tell me that it was around the age of 3 that she had to buy me some Holy Bible books to read to me, because I just always loved GOD, though the devil inside of me - just like in us all - always tormented me in my service to him with constant thoughts of hatreds, temptations, lies, blasphemy, criticisms of myself, and others all sorts of things whenever, and always when I have tried throughout my entire life to serve my FATHER GOD - and the same thing may be happening to others as well all of the time.
    I know and can even remember when my role model Bruce Lee in the "Chinese Connection" went into the trap off chamber, sat in the full Lotus Position which was something that I was also able to do sometimes, the exact technique that he was about to use when they caught him in the trap off chamber. I know this exact one technique that he would have done, because China itself has the World's largest population of Muslims in this entire World of Islam. The exact technique that he would have used is called MARTYRDOM in the Holy Qur'an of Mecca in Saudi Arabia and needs to be outlawed Orthodox Islam that is to minimize confusion in this World because it is just NOT THE TRUE REAL ISLAM FULLY. - ReligiousTruthRevealedbyGod.webs.com  You see in Islam one who may leave here as a MARTYR according to the Holy Qur'an of Mecca, NEVER really dies but just lives on and on, FOREVER.
    Bruce Lee in the Movie the "Chinese Connection" was going to use the technique called MARTRYDOM, because in that Movie he was fighting for a very, very, very, RIGHTEOUS, cause in that Movie. Bruce Lee was fighting to put an end to Chinese opium production, and liberating experimental subjects on humans, and freeing Prisoners, just like I am needing to do today in these days and times of ours.
    I remember that one day when I was riding my bike to do something for my late mother, like getting her some money when she was in the hospital, that I was coming down a hill. I had at first waited for a red light at the top of the hill where I had stopped because the light was red at first. I was on my bike I had my helmet on my head, I had water that I was carrying on my bike, following the flow of traffic, and doing everything that I was suppose to do. Riding for exercise, and keep my legs limber. Well, there was a family over on the side standing there when the light was red, when the light turned green, and the traffic started to FLOW, with all of the cars, trucks, and buses passing rapidly down the hill, the STUPID ASS Father of a young boy and girl was there as well. (I went on later to become his Domestic  Violence Counselor where he said he wanted to kill me, my mother at the age of 14 here in New York City as STUPID AND FOOLISH as she was even also tried to make me drive her car when I knew nothing about driving at all at that time and did not even have a Learners Permit at all, never before then nor at that time.)
    Well, back to the family of the little boy, girl, and their Father, and Mother: what happened was that as the traffic was starting to flow at full speed, the STUPID ASS FATHER of this young girl and boy at first told the boy to run right out into the traffic. The boy though as he started to run as he was told and being pushed in front of the traffic to run, started to run while his own Father the STUPID ASS pushed him in front of the traffic, he started to go, but then quickly drew back to avoid being hit by any traffic at all. The girl though as her own STUPID ASS Father pushed her in front of the traffic and as she got right into the middle, and just as she was about to get hit by the traffic that had the green light in its favor.  As her own STUPID ASS Father saw her getting ready to get hit by the traffic first, pushed her even harder and told her to run to try save her from being hit by the traffic which was speeding ahead due to the green light, at the same time, I was coming down the hill too right along with the traffic, but off to the side though where the NEW YORK LAWS say bikes are suppose to be ridden. I was going so fast down the hill to avoid myself from being killed by that same traffic that I could have been killed by if I were going too slow, with my helmet on my head, and everything.
    Well, what happened was that this little girl managed to avoid being hit, and killed by the traffic first, but because I had to keep up with both the FLOW and SPEED  of the traffic myself to try to avoid first being killed by the traffic myself from any possible annoyed traffic driver, and also trying to go as fast as I possibly could to try to avoid hitting the girl. The girl that almost got hit right in the middle of the traffic at first, got accidentally hit by me instead, accidentally. I got thrown right off my bike when I did hit the girl, the girl got hit in her head on impact, as I got thrown off the bike. I could have gotten first hit, and killed by the traffic first whether I was fast or even slow, because of an annoyed traffic driver first, then I could have gotten killed also just by being thrown off the bike itself because I could have gotten my own neck broken being thrown off the bike over myself, even though I accidentally hit the girl, and being thrown off I could have winded up right in front of traffic first alone even myself, being killed by being hit by the traffic while being thrown off my bike, before even accidentally hitting anyone else.
    I am very, very, very sorry to have hit this girl at all because I too could have been killed or killed her accidentally, due to NEW YORK CITY LAWS OF BIKE RIDING IN THE STREETS, but even more so myself just by being thrown. I could have still gotten killed myself because this girl's own STUPID ASS Father came over to me while I was on the ground laying on my back, face up, ( he could have killed me then if he even had a knife) and he tried to beat me up as well like he wanted to kill me for what he his STUPID ASS self did to me, and his own daughter as well.
    What a foolish thing that had happened in this situation, I wished the girl at that time had been smart enough like her brother to have pulled back on her Father the  STUPID ASS instead of running as fast as she could right head long into the traffic. I am so sorry that this happened at that time, that I do not know what to do, I am just so sorry about that, that I really don't NEVER want to get another bike ever, not NEVER again, because they are just too dangerous in the traffic, especially when it is FLOWING on the green light.
    I would have liked it if the girls own mother who was right beside the girl's Father had pushed him ( her Father) off, or even grabbed him away from both her children to even try to defend them, but she did not, she did yell though for him to stop, and not do that at all because she was afraid her children would be killed somehow, if not then by me last, then instead by the FLOW of traffic that had the green light in its favor first. The girls mother though did not blame me at all too much though, she blamed the girl's Father for having pushed her on into on coming traffic. She said herself that "I blame you more than him," speaking of the girl's STUPID ASS Father, who could have gotten us both killed me and the girl together. Had only the girl herself rebelled and disobeyed her Father, grabbing his arm to stop him which I think she tried a little at first, just like her brother nothing ever would have happened. The girl though instead unlike her brother did not draw back but instead ran off into the traffic, just as fast as she could while her Father the DAMB STUPID ASS, also even tried to push the girl even harder to try to get her to run faster to avoid being hit at all.
    I feel so very sorry for this little girl that its always in my mind and I can not get the thought out of head at all. I keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers (Prayer = Thoughts + Actions) all of the time always and I NEVER can forget about it either, NEVER. I do blame even myself for it a lot of times, but I do not feel that I was really the main one at fault at all, NO not really. I look back at this entire situation always, and I blame first myself, the girl's STUPID ASS Father, the girl's own mother, her brother, and even also sadly enough the little girl herself, for all of them not helping her too much more at all to prevent it entirely from happening in the first DAMB place. And, the girl herself may be responsible herself for not rebelling, drawing back on her Father, and for just not totally disobeying her Father at all in the first place.  Sura's - 1, 13:11, 31,  91 - Holy Qur'an.
    I guess the age of the girl was about 8 or 9 years old, the same age I was when I rebelled, and disobeyed my own mother as I was at that time studying to be a real Jehovah's Witness at that time because I thought and felt at that time that being a Jehovah's Witness was the truth. And, I could have been killed myself by my own mother when I was 9 years old, because she was not right at all asking me to do anything dangerous, but she also was just that treacherous, and evil at that time, and I also knew it was dangerous for me to do also even myself. My mother died that same evening day when that little girl got hit by me on the bicycle. It happened on February 22, 2004, one year after I had just graduated from my undergraduate school at the City College of New York in 2003, receiving 2 Bachelors of Arts Degrees one in Sociology, the other in Psychology with leadership honors from 1996 and 97.
    I blame one other entity for all of what happened, and that is the UNITED STATES, NEW YORK CITY LAW system, because one rightfully, they give you a ticket for riding a bike on the sidewalk where people are, because you can right into someone, so its good NEVER to ride on the sidewalk. But, then they still instead much rather have you ride a bicycle right on the side of traffic where one could still be killed, regardless any way and in the first place altogether. I would always and forever much rather die, or even be killed by little children trying to protect them with my very own life, much rather than hurt any at all. I try to do just that each and every day, even teaching women and children Martial Arts by giving out my business cards, along with First Aid, how to eat better perhaps, exercises, and how to secure, and protect themselves.
    I even teach men sometimes a few perhaps if I can how to do the same things, how to become better, or even learn a different point of view of Self - defense, like one brother who shared with me named Andrew, who thought that my way of teaching and sharing with drawings of pictures with what I felt he said he had shared with me was nothing, but now its being used to help people learn or get better, perhaps views of things, or give an idea about how to defend themselves. I learnt from quite a few so many other Masters, Grandmasters, and Teachers besides, others as well that the list is such that I would like to keep them confidential to help protect their identities as well. Bruce Lee once said that "the Best Form of Fighting is Fighting without Fighting."

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