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The Moorish American Nation State Government






In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

H.Q. 27:30 & H.Q. 74:30

H.Q. 2:186 & H.Q. 2:286

Allah is indeed Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful

.This information is worth over $91,000,000.00 as an Original Moorish American Citizen.  Rev. 7

By, Dr. Shamsuddin A. Abdul-Hakim Bey, Ord. D.D.

1-347-360-0922 / 1-347-928-8804 / 1-347-931-7982

Countries to link with for Protection


H.Q. 2:256 & 286 – H.Q. 39:41 – H.Q. 2:174 to 176

Sura 36 Ya’sin

Concerning Admonitions

In the Holy Qur’an of Mecca

The Uniting of the Holy Qur’an of Mecca with the Moorish Holy Koran is the True teachings of Ancient Kemet (Egipt – Egypt)

            First I rise giving praise, honor, and glory to our Father God Allah, our Beloved Prophet Noble Drew Ali < El Hajj Shariff Abdul-Ali > all Moors, and Moorish Americans, all officials, scholars, students, supporters, and all people who believe in, and want to learn our Divine Creed of Moorish American Islamism, the World’s first religious Creed, and our Nationality that of the Moorish American Nation State Government. Some of us are just tired of being challenged radically, maliciously, and so forth I just want to set the record for myself:

In the Name of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice for All

Islam and Islamism

            7. What is the duty of a Prophet?

To Save Nations from the wrath of Allah.

            Moorish Hadiths:

Before the End of time, every knee will bow to Islam;

All Nations will turn against the United States one day.

Read – Revelations in the Holy Bible, Matt. 24:24, Matt. 7:13, 14, Matt. 7:7, 8, Rev. 7

Rev. 17:5 and 18:4

Our One Divine Lineage

H.Q. 2:177 & H.Q.2:285

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            There is no failure for the Human Soul, Allah is Guiding on, and Victory is Assured.

            Now, let me start by saying or asking that if one commits a crime, and you associate, give respect to, aid and abet, or even praise, support, commemorate, or sympathize with the crime, are you NOT just as guilty, or part, and parcel to that crime?

            At least the laws I know of say so yes, most of them anyway. That’s a fact.

            Now doing something for one’s survival out of necessity, or out of anything like survival, not selfishness, or foolishness, hatred, or to just take advantage of another to me, it ceases being a crime only, but is more like a mistake out of desperation, or forgetful error.

            There are those in whose nature it is to do crimes, and to do evil knowing better, or not (like so many of those who are Europeans, Caucasians, Niggers, Negroes, Blacks, Coloreds so many of them NOT ALL.) as the Holy Qur’an of Mecca says so H.Q. 20:102. Them, and those like them may not want to do better out of what they think they can gain, riches, property, land, slaves, and other things that they may want, and value, no matter the ways of getting it, keeping it, or having it. Prestige and Ego as well!

            Now, according to chapter 1 of our Moorish Holy Koran, there are none of us on the soul plane who do not need to develop between the conquering of the Higher Self, and Lower Self. Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, has said in his hadith that “ I forgive you of everything that you did before I came; now you are responsible for your deeds now.” And, remember the Holy Qur’an of Mecca states all throughout that Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.

            The uniting of the teachings of our Moorish Holy Koran with the Holy Qur’an of Mecca, is the True teachings of Ancient Kemet, (Egipt – Egypt) our lofty Divine origin, originally as Moorish Americans (Deut. 29:1) and (Act – 6 of our Moorish American Constitutional Bylaws).

            Now, our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, also lets us know that it was the Arabs, Europeans, and Moroccan Governments that enslaved us as a Moorish American people, once upon a time, and still even now into the present according to Act – 6 and the 1st, 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments of the U.S. Constitution. So, now in knowing, and seeing these things as they are I find it difficult to know, or even try to understand, why some Moorish Americans feel so content, and satisfied in commemorating so – called supposed treaties that we were supposed to some have established while being slaves according to Act – 6 that is of the U.S. Constitution, and the Moroccan Flags that are fallowed symbols of those who helped the Europeans, and the Arabs enslave the Moors.

            There are those who say that the Moors at around the time Moorish Americans were slaves, had slaves as well. However, Act – 6 says this is a new era of time now, and our Prophet Noble Drew Ali was born on January 8, 1886 to redeem us as a people from our sinful ways. It also says in MHK 38:6 that we are not to be like or follow the ways of other people – H.Q. 2:145 to 148. The Holy Qur’an of Mecca warns us not to follow the footsteps of Satan also H.Q. 24:21, it says too that promises Satan makes he always breaks H.Q. 4:120 our Prophet Noble Drew Ali says “One day the European is going to let you down. You are going to have to put up a 90 day supply of food to last you until your brothers come to your rescue from the East.” {H.Q. 49:14} In another Moorish American hadith our Noble Prophet, Noble Drew Ali says “All Nations will turn against the United States one day,” and he says too “Don’t throw away your Bibles, because I am going to use them to condemn the government.”

            With all of these facts, and statements that our Prophet teaches us, and says there are still so many Moors who put their trust, association, and allegiance in the U.S. Government, the same that enslaved us using the Bible and Christianity right in their courtrooms to this very present day to take us to trial, and enslave us, taxing us in contradictions to it, and deny us our rights, yet so many Moors continue to trust everything about the U.S., its government, and its allies under the 1st, 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, and it has very few allies in our days. The reason being that it supports our genocide, it supports apartheid by supporting Israel which allies itself to so many racist policies of South Africa among other things as well.

            Remember our Prophet Noble Drew Ali said, also “Woe upon the man that calls himself a Jew.” To this day whether some Moorish Americans want to affiliate themselves as some part of the establishing of the U.S. Government, or not it is predominantly known as an Anglo – Saxon, Judeo – Christian Protestant, and Catholic form of Government, so where do the Moorish Americans fit in its equation of belonging to, fitting in, or helping to form the U.S. Constitution which it so often sets aside at will anywhere, and anytime they want to.

            Remember a few other things our Prophet said along these lines “I am going to leave the European here, just long enough to teach you how to run a government. “He said in one hadith, in another he said “Your Nationality Card is going to change on you in your pocket.” He also said, “ I brought you everything it takes to save a Nation, now take it and save yourself.” He never said anywhere the opposite of these things, he even said in one hadith that “The times that have been, won’t be no more.” And, our Prophet Noble Drew Ali was born in North Carolina on January 8, 1886 to free us as a Nation from slavery totally, and to redeem us from our sinful ways. He said “I come to set you free from that state of mental slavery that I found you in.”

            Some Moors act like our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, did not find us in any state needing to be redeemed from, but instead we found him, and that all was great with the European system before he came to even try to free us. This though is understandable because he said “Some of you Moors are going to throw away your name, just for a morsel of bread.” (Tokenism) Concerning U.S. Constitutional money he our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, said: “Money will be burnt in the streets, and we won’t be able to buy much: and when I put my spirit in the streets, you won’t be able to sell your car for 25 cents.” He also said too, “One day the United States will not be able to do any business, unless they do it through the Asiatics.”

            With statements like all of this so many Moors still want to praise, and put their trust in the U.S. and its government, instead of having and forming our own, but that too is understandable, he even said “I would like to save half of the people, but I am going to try to save a fourth of the people. There is just going to be a handful saved. I can count them on my fingers, and have fingers left over.” Something to think about, right. Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, also said “I had to go around my elbow to get to my thumb to get what I wanted established in this government.” (The U.S.Government no doubt) He said too in another hadith that “The Europeans were not going to give up until He looked death in the face.”

            Since, some of us Moors like the U.S. Constitution so much that many of us Moors say we helped to write it during the times of slavery 1779 to 1865 according to Act – 6 of our Moorish American Constitutional Bylaws, consider this from the 1st. Amendment, our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, says that “We are going to be taxed to death.” (Not any Tokenisms here) Among other things we are forced to do as the original, and indigenous people of this land. (Indian = Indigenous) There is hope though because our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, said “The European is going to have to pay our people off for the work that they did in slavery, and pay off in compounded interest.”

            This will probably be true for all those not relaying on U.S. Constitutional wealth, and remember it’s the laws of the U.S. Constitution where the U.S. Government makes its money or representation of it as it looses value daily. Remember our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, said “One day, you will see a $20.00 bill in the street, and would not bend over to pick it up. Now, you must remember that during Martial Law, or a Police State, the U.S. Constitution can be set aside, and become obsolete – Article I. Section 1. All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a congress of the United States which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. – Article I – Section 8. The Congress shall have power:

            To lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts, and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States; (see – last paragraph Article I. Section 8.) To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.

            Your treaties (Tokenisms) that some Moors think they have can be set aside by unanimous vote of the majority party in control, becoming obsolete during Martial Law, then only other negotiations can come to aid, with the help of the President, and other officials – Article II. Section 2. The one thing that then comes to bear for the rights of any are those Human Rights as established by the United Nations, especially those rights that are established for Indigenous Peoples. Saying this says that any rights which can be honored go beyond just the U.S. Constitution and we are more protected as a people by Rights given to us from the United Nations – see chapter 48:11 of our Moorish Holy Koran, the United States alone with any of its Laws, Treaties, or whatever cannot save us as a people, and can be set aside at any time, and Not adhered to, by simple threat of war, or civil unrest as has just been demonstrated by it, and the sayings of our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, especially the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as compared to chapter 48 of our Moorish American Holy Koran, and Act – 6 of our Moorish American Divine Constitutional Bylaws.

            Chapter 48:6 – We, as a clean and pure Nation descended from the inhabitants of Africa, do not desire to amalgamate, or marry into the families of the pale skin Nations of Europe. Neither serve the gods of their religion, because our forefathers are the true and divine founders of the first religious creed, for the redemption and salvation of mankind on Earth. 7. Therefore we are returning the Church and Christianity back to the European Nations, as it was prepared by their forefathers for their Earthly salvation. 8. While we, the Moorish Americans are returning to Islam, which was founded by our forefathers for our Earthly and Divine salvation. 9. The Covenant of the Great God Allah: “Honor thy Father and thy Mother that thy days may be longer upon the Earth land, which the Lord thy God, Allah hath given thee!” 10. Come all ye Asiatics of America and hear the truth about your Nationality and birthrights, because you are not Negroes. Learn of your forefathers ancient and Divine Creed. That you will learn to love instead of hate. 11. We are trying to uplift fallen humanity. Come and link yourselves with the Families of Nations. We Honor all the True and Divine Prophets.

            Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, said “I brought you your Nationality, your Religion, and title to your vast estate. What do you want me to do; kill you?” In another hadith, he said “Money does not make the man, and clothes do not make the man. It is character and free National standards that make the man.” In another hadith he said, “Brothers don’t mark your fez, it shows you are free. Be the (plain) Truth like me, your Prophet.” He also said “Sisters wrap your turbans in the colors of the rainbow.” In another hadith our Prophet Noble Drew Ali said “If you are NOT CAREFUL, your own brothers will try to put you in slavery. He said too, “The third and fourth generation will see the good of my work.” Our Prophet said too, “ The Holy Prophet told the Moors to try to live close together.” And, he said “I have come for the children, and the unborn generations.” He said too, “Children, you are just plain rich.” He said, “Children, one day, you are going to love me.”

            Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, said “A good Moorish leader must study his Holy Koran and Divine Constitution and Bylaws.” He said too “I brought you something that you can shout about.” He also said, “The same Truth that will draw you will drive you.” He even said, “Let all old business stay as it is, and all New business, do it in your Free National Name.” He said too “It will take you 50 years to find out what I brought you, and if you are NOT CAREFUL, 50 years after I am gone, you won’t know that I have been here.” He even said that “The biggest fool is the educated fool.” He said too, “Don’t endanger your life with a fool.” And, he said, “Don’t put the European on your brother.” Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, said “We need to have warehouses because one day the Europeans are going to let you down.” Keep trusting him (the European, and his government system that so many Moors believe in sharing with them in). Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, said, “ One day, the Europeans are going to lock the food up in warehouses, put soldiers around them, to guard them, and you will go anywhere he says to get something to eat.” He said too, “One day you will go to the store, and there will be soldiers there with guns with bayonets on them, and they will not let you enter. They will order you to move on.” So, much for your Treaty Moors (tokenisms) who believe we made treaties in the U.S. Constitution of Peace and Friendship, or any other treaties now, or back in 1787 the time when most, if not all of our people were slaves according to Act – 6 of our Moorish Divine Constitutional Bylaws.

            Remember there are many Prophecies, Scriptures, and Instructions our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, left for us. These are the Prophecies he left, his hadiths, it seems to point to so many things that he did say like chapter 48:6 to 11 (Chapter 48), Act – 6, Moorish Holy Koran chapter 43:19 to 21, - 19. Naturally doth man desire the truth; yet, when it is before him, he will not apprehend it; and if it forces itself upon him, he is not offended at it. 20. The fault is not in truth; for that is amiable; but the weakness of man bareth not its splendor. 21. Wouldst thou see thine insufficience more plainly? View at thy devoutions! To what end was religion instituted, but to teach thee thine infirmities, to remind thee of thy weakness, to show thee that from Heaven alone art thou to hope for good?

            Back to our Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s hadith and what he said like “In the year 2000 the Moors will come into their own.” He said too, “Before the End of Time, I am going to lower down the evil spirits, and let them incarnate.” He said too, “The Moors are a dangerous people. I am not going to wake you all up at once. If I do, I won’t be able to do anything with you myself.”

He said too, “Chicago is doomed, and Detroit must go down for what they have done to I, your Prophet.”

            He said too, “I took the cover off all the secret organizations.” This statement alone proves Drew Ali was not a free mason. He said too, “In two weeks, I am going down south. When I get down there, the Ku Klux Klan is going to stop me. At first, it is going to look like they are against me. Then they are going to lead me to where I am going.”  He said too, “There is going to be an Earthquake that will split the United States in two.” He said in another place, “The Moors once ruled the world; now get ready to rule it again. But, this time it’s going to be done under Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.” He said furthermore that, “One day, all of the property is going back to the government.” (Perhaps ours Moors) He said too, “The European will not be able to remove all the wealth from the land. After he goes back to Europe, mountains of gold will be revealed to the Moors.” He said in another place of his hadiths “A beggar Nation cannot attain to its highest degree of spirituality.” Look at the U.S. depending on everything, and every Nation to survive.

            In another hadith our Prophet, Noble Drew Ali, said “Watch the newspapers and listen to the radio, I am going to make the European tell the truth.” The European asks the Holy Prophet, “Will we be saved this time?” – “The only way you (European) can be saved this last time will be through the help of the Moors.” Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, said too, “Children, when you get on top, treat the European nice.” He also said, “I like good peas and beans. I am going to save 8% of the Europeans because they are good farmers.”  He said too, “If the European be just, they would have an Asiatic Vice – president; and if they had an Asiatic President, they would have a European Vice – president.” He also said, “ I am going to stop the European from thinking, and start you to thinking for your own good.” Further he said, “One day your biggest trouble won’t be getting with European women, it will be fighting them off.” And he said, “Get a good European education and I can use you.” Earlier in the same place he said, The Holy Prophet told the Moors, “ Children, you are at home, and the European is 3000 miles from home, and is he going to have to take some water.”

            He said too, “One day, you are going to smell the Europeans before you see them, in boxcars, going back to Europe. (Research youtube on FEMA camps, boxcars, disposable coffins – H.Q. 20:102). He said in another place, “Don’t let any of those foreign Moslems get up in your rostrum.” (MHK 48:6, 7) He said in one place of his hadiths, “One day, every wheel of industry is going to stop, and when they start up again, it will be in the Asiatics favor.” He said too, that “The Moors were once a sea – faring people and fed the world, the time is going to come, when we will go back and feed the World again. – ( This is the reason of the Circle Quadrants on the Flag of the Moorish American Nation State Government)

            I placed a ball on Babylon, and it is rolling down, and anyone that gets in the way is going to be ground to powder.” In another place he said, “What you do not know can build another World.”

            He said too, “When the wild beast roamed the Earth in large numbers, and you could hear the large birds flapping their wings at a long distance, it was the Moors that took the sword and went out and slew the beast so that civilization could come in.

            He said in the same place, “Those that were with me 2000 years ago are with me today, and those that were against me 2000 years ago, are against me today.”

Drew Ali often told the Moors when he appeared on Earth as Yehoshua (Yehoshua).

            In another place he said,”Asiatic Preachers and Masons will be the last to come home. They will fight me tooth and claw but cannot win.”

            He said too, “Your forefathers are the founders of the straight and narrow; the world’s first religious Creed and salvation: To this day it is called Islam.” – “Islam is that old time religion.” – “Before the end of time, every knee will bow to Islam.”

            “Don’t worry about how you are going to be saved. It will be done in a conflict that cannot be told in words.”

            He said in another place too, “I am going to burn up sin, both root and branch.” In nearly the same place he said, “I can throw out a spirit that would make Moors want to fight, and then throw out another spirit that would bring them back to peace.”

          He also said, “Allah alone guides the destiny of this Divine and National Movement.”

          The Holy Prophet said, “His Nationality is Moorish American and our Nationality is Moorish American.” He often referred to our Nationality as our one Free National Name.

            Those in the United States, its citizens say: ‘They pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, one Nation under God indivisible with liberty, and justice for all.’

But, most of the time they don’t mean it when it comes to our people Moors and there is little or NO Protection nor Equality under the U.S. Constitutional Law for us either Moors – We must have our own Moorish American Nation State Government which is being formed despite oppositions.

            The Pledge of U.S. allegiance is what U.S. Citizens might say, something like that. Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali also says that “Just because you were born here does not make you a Citizen.”

            The colonializers of the United States from the slave time Confederate States, when they fully formed themselves here from their  Motherland of England’s Authority formed their Constitution or Preamble that says, “We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice (Just Them Moors Not for Us Believe it), insure domestic tranquility, (One of them also wrote the Hypocrites oath for medicine as well Moors Not for Us Moors) provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves (the Europeans only – really – others they give tokenism for a time) and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

            They wrote this while most of us Moors who say it belongs to us (being Part and Parcel of something that enslaved us then and now? I wonder!) and we helped to write it with them, for them were by our our own Moorish American Divine Constitution and Bylaws of Moorish America, (Act – 6 ) even according to their history and laws concerning us Moors were slaves needing to be redeemed in our own land, Act – 6 of our Bylaws should tell us along with most of American History Past and Present even to this day. In 1776 when the U.S. was founded according to its Present Flag which was still developing was founded from England, we were slaves, and written by DENATIONALIZATION as such according to the 1st, 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

            Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali also stated that “There is no redemption in these Amendments for my people.”

            He also said that, “If I could just get you Moors to thinking, you would save your selves.”

            He also told us, “Moors be yourself.”

            According to Act – 6 of our Bylaws, Moors, “Moorish Americans are the descendants of the ancient Moabites whom inhabited the North Western and South Western shores of Africa.” We have little to do with the Europeans, from Europe the land that our forefathers gave them to live. (Moorish Holy Koran – chapter 48:6, 7) Yes, our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, says in one hadith that “The European is our fellow man.” And he says, They (“The Europeans will seek peace, but none shall be found.”) This is because, “The warlike nature of Europeans seeks peace through war but peace cannot be found by those means.”

            Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, says too, “I am going to stop the Europeans from thinking. If two or three of them get together on something, they will go back, and tear it up.”

Just look at the U.S. Government debates, Democrats against Republicans against             Independents, none of them seem to be able to agree.

                        Our Prophet also says though for Moors who feel part of them – their system that, “If you want European Grand Sheiks, I can give them to you.” The Prophet had the same problems in his day, Moors needing to be accepted by the Europeans. But, he says also, “I have got the Romans in the palm of my hand.” They need us Moors in ways more than we may need them. For those feeling for the Europeans he also says “I am going to make the European enforce my law.” He also says that “We (The Moors) are a hard – head, stiff – neck, mean set of people that never done anything except at the point of a sword.”

            Concerning us Moors our Prophet even said, “The only thing that would surprise me is if a Moor would do right.” Our Prophet knew when he was here about all the problems over his teachings, and what he brought to us we would be having in getting it right, the differences didn’t surprise him. Our Prophet warns though that, he says, “Every word that I speak is spirit and you (Moors) had better heed.” He says too, that “When the fire comes, I will be the water.” He says too concerning slavery that “For the various lynching’s and murders that were committed in the South; the South is going to have to pay off, and pay off in blood.” – He says too, that “If you have people in the South, get them out, because that is where destruction is going to start.”

            For good Moors he says “I have airplanes, zeppelins, and apparatus. I am going to take my good Moors up in an apparatus on an incline until it’s all over with.” He says, “One day, they are going to tear down all the Churches and take the bells, and melt them down, and make bullets to fight with.” (Read – the book of “Joel” in the Holy Bible, watch the news, see what’s going on in and around even Churches these days.)

            Our Prophet says though that, “When destruction comes, I am going to leave enough fine buildings, so that my good Moors will be able to enjoy them.” He says too that, “ One day, some of you old Moors are going to be so hungry that you are going to bite into your own flesh, and blood will skeet out, and you are going to get angry with yourself, because you didn’t put up enough food.” He even says that “I am going to repeat myself.” Some Moors have a hard time learning, feeling that there are still ways to win in the U.S. Government instead of seeing that we are needing to stop relaying on its everyday failing systems, and form our own means of supporting our own Moorish American Nation State Government.

            That is what is taking place with us forming and supporting our Moorish American Nation State Government it’s the right and only way to go as intended. (Read – Noble Drew Ali, The Exhuming of a Nation which came out in the year 2000 by, Dr. Elihu N. Pleasant Bey, it’s the only right way intended that good Moors go.) – Everything else is failing all around us by the support of those who feel part of the U.S. Government which is NOT OUR GOVERNMENT MOORS. (Tokenisms is what the U.S. Government is giving to try to maintain brutal control and a false sense of peace – keeping many blind.)

            Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali says that, “When I raise my floodgate, it’s going to take 16 secretaries to write down the names.” “When the time is ripe, about the year 2000 the eyes of the Moors will open and see what The Holy Prophet has brought to them.” (Read – “The Great Meeting Is On! – Koran Questions for Moorish Americans (101’s, 102’s & Adept) See, question 7. What is the duty of a Prophet? To save Nations from the wrath of Allah: - When it comes to our Flag read – Noble Drew Ali, The Exhuming of a Nation – by, Dr. Elihu N. Pleasant Bey – Chapter 22 page 517 compare it to the so many hadiths our Prophet has left us be honest.

Disclaimer to this Knowledge

            Nothing here is meant to offend but reveal truth, nothing here is New and presents NO New Formulations of any knowledge. It is being presented so that those who do not know, nor understand can come to know, and at least try to understand in a sensible, logical manner as best as possible. Insha’Allah!

            Our Moorish American Nation State Government as it is intended to be, is already in existence and effect with its own Moorish American full Authorities. This information is for further clarity of our Moorish American Nation State Government as opposed to the United States Government as an alternative and answer to our peoples problems and that of humanity at large. Again, NO OFFENSE, INSULT, NOR THREATS intended at all in any way. Most of this knowledge is already present to many without even any effort here at all, this is a REPEAT OF OUR PROPHET’S NOBLE DREW ALI’S TRUE PURPOSE FOR US MOORS AND PEOPLE. It is already available in quite a few Moorish American Literatures as well and as stated, and presented. It is written because some controversies exists among citizens, and others known as members who call themselves Moorish Americans. A close examination of the information in its other places should clarify any unintentional harm if any as NOT INTENDED.


A.    Nation = 1. A people who share common customs, origins, history, and frequently language; Nationality. 2. A relatively large group of people organized under a single, usually independent government, country. 3. The Government of a Sovereign State. 4.a. A federation or tribe, esp. one composed of North American Indians. b. The territory occupied by such a federation or tribe.

B.     Nation – state = A type of political organization consisting of an autonomous state inhabited esp. by a predominantly homogeneous people.


Five – Fifths

Whole Indigenous Conscious Law Abiding Moors

1.      Education:

Educate – 1. To provide with knowledge or training, esp. through formal schooling; teach. 2. To provide with training for some particular purpose: educated him for the priesthood. 3. To provide with information; inform. 4. To stimulate or develop the mental or moral growth of. – intr. To teach or instruct a person or group.

2.      Culture:

1.      The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought characteristic of a community or population. 2. A style of social and artistic expression peculiar to a society or class. 3. Intellectual and artistic activity, and the works produced by it. 4. The act of developing the social, moral, and intellectual faculties through education. {More was given not used.}

3.  Property Land:

            1. The solid ground of the Earth, esp. as distinguished from the sea. 2.a. The ground or soil; Earth till the land.b. A topographically or functionally distinct tract: desert land. 3.a. A Nation country.b. The people of a Nation, District, or Region.c. Lands. Territorial possessions or property. 4. Public or private landed property: real estate. 5. An area or realm: the land of make – believe. 6.Law: a. A tract of land that may be owned, together with everything growing or constructed upon it.b. A landed estate. {More was given not used.}

4.  Nationality:

            1. The status of belonging to a particular Nation by origin, birth, or naturalization. 2. A people having common origins or traditions and often constituting a Nation. 3. Existence as a politically autonomous entity; National Independence. 4. National character. 5. Nationalism.

5. Religion:

            1.a. Belief in and reverence for a Supernatural Power recognized as the Creator and Governor of the Universe. b. A particular integrated system of this expression: the Hindu religion. 2. The spiritual or emotional attitude of one who recognizes the existence of a Superhuman Power or powers. 3. An objective pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion: A collector might make a religion of his hobby.

Definitions from:

            The Second College Edition – The American Heritage Dictionary, copyright 1982, 1985 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Used here as operable definitions here in this write up.

What is a Moorish American?

            It has been maintained by a community of Nations among the United Nations, that Indigenous Nations, Tribes, and People have certain rights that inherently are to be maintained, honored, and respected by neighboring occupying forces, authorities, governments, and so forth. The Moorish American Nation State Government is an Indigenous Government as established since the Conference of Nations, both at the U.N. ( Dec. 16, 2010 Signed By, President Barack Husein Obama – U.N. Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples), and prior in Havanna Cuba in 1928 originally by Our Leader, and Prophet Noble Drew Ali who became the First man to ever declare us by our one Free National Name. We are recognized as (Moorish Americans) by other supporting Nations growing around the World as well.

            We are supported as Indigenous to the Americas not just by the United States recent ratifying approvals but seemingly ironically it seems to elude to our rights in Amendments 9 and 10 of the United States Constitution as well. Though prior to recently it may have been slightly opposed, and problematic, and our Moorish American Nation State Government has little or nothing at all in any way to do with the U.S. Constitution, not at all really, and our officials do oppose any allusions to the U.S., and its U.S. Constitution in considering our people, and our Moorish American Nation State Government. We (Moorish Americans) as long as we live in peace, and harmony with the occupiers of our Continent, and its adjoining islands are not subject to the 1st, 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments or any other Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. There are other parts of the U.S. Constitution that speak about jurisdictions and not being allowed to by the U.S. Government for the U.S. to be able to NOT over step nor violate the jurisdiction of other people under such jurisdictions as the Moorish American Nation State Government Citizens jurisdictions of being Governed by the Moorish American Nation State Government Citizens rights to our own Government. This is what it means for us to be Citizens of our Moorish American Nation State Government. The U.S. has limited, little, or NO Jurisdiction over our Government and we must live in harmony. See – The Declaration of Indigenous Rights from the United Nations as well. (Dec. 16, 2010 document on it especially)

Fallow Flags

United States


Moroccan Flags

            The treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1787 was between the Moroccans, and the Europeans of the United States, because the Moroccans had given the U.S. Europeans what they wanted, that is the Moors as Slaves in 1787 here to develop the United States for the Europeans. It was not a treaty between so – called free Moors here and the Europeans it was a treaty for thanking the Moroccan Government, for giving the Moors as slaves.

            At around the same time the Moroccan flag became fallow because they had given many of their own people (Moors – here in the U.S.) to be slaves. The Moroccan flag could not even fly in Morocco at this time because they had done a treasonous, traitorous act to its own people (Moors – here in the U.S.), so the French stepped in and became a Protectorate for Morocco, and they then were able to fly their Moroccan flag.

            At one time before all this happened, the flag of Morocco was white with the green five pointed star in the middle. And, the Moroccan Empire once ruled at that time prior from East to West Africa with Egypt as its capital both North and South as well.

            Remember our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, lets us know, “The Europeans went to the Moroccan government, and asked for permission to come over here (to Northwest Amexem) to develop this land. They were given a 50 year mandate to do so. Then the Europeans went to an old Sheik and asked him to give them some people to help them to develop this land. The Sheik told them to: “ Take those Moors, because they are not going to do anything.” It was the officials e.g. Sheiks, Caliphs, and Sultans of the various governments of the Moorish Empire ( All Kingdoms, Countries, Tribes, and Nations of the Northwestern and Southwestern shores of Africa) who permitted the Arab slavers to capture and sell Moorish Nationals to the Europeans.

            At one time for this reason Moroccans could not even fly their own flag at all, and when it resumed flying it was fallow, and hung upside down in disgrace. It became red with a green five point star in the center because of all the blood the Moroccans had shed during the Trans – Atlantic Slave Trade. All countries of the World had held Morocco in disgrace for turning on its own people selling them. That is why the French had to come to be a Protectorate of Morocco, then Morocco was able to fly its now red fallowed flag again. ( Read – pages 517 to 548 in Noble Drew Ali, The Exhuming of a Nation, by, Dr. Elihu N. Pleasant Bey – the Grand National State Chairman of the Moorish American Nation State Government – Chapter 22 of this book, titled “The Moorish American Flag, Seal & Emblem.) – Also Read – The Holy Qur’an of Mecca – H.Q. 2:213, H.Q. 2:84, 85, H.Q. 2:89, 90, 91, H.Q. 2:109, H.Q. 2:113* H.Q. 2:120, 121* H.Q. 2:139* Read – The Holy Qur’an of Mecca – Sura 36 Ya’sin, H.Q. Sura 91 Shams, H.Q. Sura 109 Al – Kafirun, Sura 63 Al – Munafiqun, H.Q. 3:103 – MHK 25 – H.Q. 2:42 & 44, H.Q. 2:75* H.Q. 2:101* H.Q. 2:145 & 146* H.Q. 2:159, 160, H.Q. 2:165*H.Q. 2:167, {H.Q. 2:170 – Chicago}

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