Below you can find the list of topics, speakers and their corresponding commentators, and times for the conference. All talks will be held in the Indiana Memorial Union. The Opening Talk with be in the State Room East; the remaining talks will be in the Georgian room.

Thursday, October 8th

Opening Talk, 7:30PM: From Affective Faith to Classical Theism
    Speaker: Jon Kvanvig, Chair: Tim O'Connor

Note: There will be a small reception after this talk. However, participants are encouraged to have dinner prior to the talk.

Friday, October 9th

9:30-11:00AM: Testimony and the Transmission of Religious Knowledge
    Speaker: John Greco, Commentator: Ben McMyler, Chair: Sharon Mason

11:15-12:45PM: Epistemic Authority in Religion, Science, and ...Philosophy
    Speaker: Steve Wykstra, Commentator: Maria Lasonen-Aarnio, Chair: Matthew Benton

12:45-2:30PM: Lunch

2:45-4:15: Religious Disagreement and Epistemic Intuitions
    Speaker: Mike Bergmann, Commentator: Charity Anderson, Chair: Billy Dunaway

4:30-6:00PM: An Evidentialist Account of Testimony, Including the Testimony of the Holy Spirit
    Speaker: Trent Dougherty, Commentator: Peter Graham, Chair: Laura Callahan

Saturday, October 10th

9:30-11:00AM: Science, Religion, and the Role of Communities in Transmitting Knowledge
    Speaker: Caleb Cohoe, Commentator: Adam Green, Chair: Max Baker-Hytch

11:15-12:45PM: TBA
    Speaker: John Hawthorne, Chair: Tim Perrine