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Mental Telepathy aka "Mind Reading" - Is It REAL?

Is mental telepathy aka "mind reading" a real phenomenon? I never believed it was. But 3 months after becoming a Reiki Master I was doing it. And this is my story:

I have many gifts. My main gift is the gift of empathy (feeling people). And I discoevered this gift after about 6 months of taking Reiki very seriously and doing it on a regular basis. Eventually I figured out that I could feel other people's pain. Headaches, back aches, emotional pain, stress, I could feel their chakras to determine which ones needed worked on, etc etc. I accepted that ability pretty casually. I had some problems with feeling people's energy at work that I didn't like and so I had to develop techniques to shield myself from feeling my co-worker's back aches, stress, etc. and I got through all of that just fine.

There was another ability of mine that opened up all of a sudden that I didn't accept so casually, and that was mental telepathy. All my life I had heard about psychics "reading people's minds" and I didn't think much of it. I didn't really think it was possible. Not really. But about 3 months after being attuned to Reiki Master I was at work and all of a sudden, out of nowhere I heard one of my co-worker's voices in my head. I was kind of busy at the time so I didn't think much of it at the time, but after work I got to thinking about it and I was a bit freaked out by it. I lost a lot of sleep that night. I was thinking "Holy shit did I read that guy's mind? Is that what I was hearing? No way!" and stuff like that. My mind was blown. The next night I went to work and talked to the guy about it. I remembered word for word what I had heard in my head and so I asked him "were you thinking this?" He said yes. I looked at him with amazement and said "I read your fucking mind!!??" He said "yeah I guess so." He didn't seem surprised, he knew I was a Reiki Master and apparently he knew the phenomenon was possible. But I was freaked out by it. I was like WHOA!!

This ability opening up for me has changed my whole life. When it first opened up I was hearing people's thoughts left and right, kind of like Mel Gibson in the movie "What Women Want." Seriously, it was almost that freaky. My ability was WIDE OPEN and I felt like I was living in the middle of the Twilight Zone or something, I felt like I was going nuts for about a month.

The way it works is, well, as I mentioned above, I am an empath. I FEEL other people's energy. I feel their pain like it is my own pain, their joy like it is my own joy, etc. Now, considering the fact that THOUGHTS are the PUREST form of energy that there is don't you think it makes sense that I can also pick up on that energy? If I can feel their heartache and their back pain, why wouldn't I be able to hear their thoughts too? After all, thoughts are a more PURE form of energy. It is perfectly logical is it not? The main thoughts that I hear are the thoughts that are ABOUT ME, reason being that when people think ABOUT ME they are sending that ENERGY towards me. They are projecting their thought ENERGY in my direction. What happens is that I hear their thought in my head like it's my own thought. Sometimes, like I mentioned above, it comes through loud and clear in the "voice" of the person. Their voice is in my head and I am hearing their thought. But other times it is hard to distinguish between other people's thoughts and my own because their voice isn't attached to it. I am also able to hear messages from spirit guides. I do this all the time during healings. I will receive a message from spirit concerning the person's baggage or their current worries or concerns. Or a message from the Reiki guides on how to conduct my healing, where to place my hands, what to do next, etc etc. This is also my main method of doing psychic readings. HEARING messages from the spirit world about the person I'm doing the reading for.

So, for most of my life I thought I was just an "ordinary person" but then I started doing Reiki and discovered that I have these abilities. Empathy and clairaudience. I do see colors sometimes, and energies around me (spirits) but my clairvoyance has not really fully opened up yet. I think it will eventually. For now I feel and hear. The hearing ability as far as hearing things left and right like Mel Gibson has died down considerably. I'm no longer walking around hearing everything like I did for that first month. At the most I'll hear a random thought here and there. The last time I read someone's mind was 2 days ago. I was doing Reiki on my ex (saw her for the first time in 10 yrs the other day) and she had never experienced it before. Being religious she was sitting there thinking I am a "witch or warlock." So I looked up at her straight in the eyes and said "No I'm not a witch." Her eyes got big and she said "why did you say that? Next you'll be telling me that you can read my mind." I just looked back down at what I was doing and said "I can do some of that, yeah." And then she told me to "stay out of her mind." 

Anyway, yes, IT IS REAL. And I know it is because I can do it.