The SBL and AAR 2013 Annual Meeting Cycle, Program Unit Deadlines.  - will be reproduced here when it becomes available

AAR - December 2, 2011 Program Unit Report Forms, 2012 Call for Papers copy, Chairperson and Steering Committee appointments are due in the Executive Offices.

AAR - January 16, 2012 Call for Papers On Line

AAR - February 6, 2012 COD (Conference Organizing Distribution) online ( Please note that this this system replaces OP3) Submitters must be current 2012 AAR members to submit a proposal. 

AAR - Mid-February 2012 Program Unit Chairs receive email reminder about the preparation of the Program Planner copy. All instructions will be posted online.

AAR - March 5, 2012 Paper Proposals from members due to Chairs. The process of refereeing and selection should begin at this time. Chairs must contact chairs of other units regarding proposals sent to both units. 

AAR - March 19, 2012  Acceptance and rejection notices can be sent. Chairs are encouraged to work with other chairs on shared proposals.

AAR - April 6, 2012
  • All requests from Program Unit Chairs for any exceptions to policies - including requests to invite non-members and joint and co-sponsored sessions - must be received in writing (preferably via email: by the Director of Meetings. Please note, if you are requesting special permission for non-members to participate in the Annual Meeting, their primary field of specialty must be outside the field of religious studies. Non-Members who teach religious studies or theology need to become members in order to participate in the Annual Meeting.  This includes international scholars, with the exception of those from developing nations.
  • Program Unit Chairs have notified all members submitting proposals whether the proposal has been accepted or not. If you use the COD system, this will be automated. 
  • Program Unit Session Entry Information (final Program Book Copy, participants, and abstracts) due in the Executive Offices. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.  Instructions will accompany the February reminder.
AAR - June 15, 2012  All participants must be pre-registered for the meeting in order to participate. Participants who are not pre-registered for the Annual Meeting by this date will be removed from the program

AAR - July 1, 2012  Program Book Online

AAR - August 31, 2012 Deadline for participants to request audiovisual equipment. 

AAR -  November 17-20, 2012 Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

AAR - November 30, 2012 Program Unit Reports and 2013 Call for papers due in Executive Offices.