Relics Gallery and Kids Fun Gallery

We would never go so far as to call this a classic car museum.  A better description is a unique collection of American relics.  Our Relics Gallery, as we so eloquently describe it, is full mostly of American automobiles which during their time could be found in garages all over America.  Some are unique limited production automobiles and others history just simply forgot.  Yet seeing them brings back memories of days gone by.  Each automobile in our gallery tells a wonderful story of our history. 


What Kid does not like sitting in a car?  With that question in mind we created  the Fun Gallery.  Children are allowed to "sit in" the cars in this gallery. There is a Spiderman Truck with a life size Spiderman Statue, a real race car,  the Sponge Bob Firebird and so much more. Kids can even take a family portrait with the Simpsons Family.