About us

                                                             Relics and Rarities Gallery

Relics and Rarities is too unique to describe without telling, as they say, the whole story.  I grew up in Columbus, Georiga, about 130 miles southwest of Decatur.  Columbus was the home of Kinnetts Dairy.  Kinnetts Dairy was the primary supplier of milk and dairy products to all the schools in the area.  Each year the school would take students on a field trip to the dairy.  There was a replica of a white and black spotted cow standing on the beautiful green lawn of the dairy.  The cow's name was Katie.  Katie must have been at least 100 feet tall.  I'm sure I could be off a couple of feet, I was only 6 or 7 years old at the time.  We would all gather around Katie in amazement until we were ushered inside for the educational tour.  I must have taken this tour 7 times throughout my childhood,  but all I can remember is the 3 ounce cup of ice cream after every tour.  Man that ice cream was delicious!


                                                   Katie the cow on the lawn of Kinnetts Dairy

When I envisioned Relics and Rarities Ice Cream Parlor, the education and entertainment of children played an instrumental role in the concept development. So as a result,  not only will you find delicious ice cream, you will also find a  wonderful learning environment.

Kinnetts Dairy closed some years ago, Katie was moved to storage for a while and now stands in front of a Best Buys.  But the trips to this dairy are some of my fondest childhood memories.  My greatest wish  is that Relics and Rarites will create great memories for each and every child that visits.