Craigslist Posting Service

Welcome to our Craigslist Posting Service! We’ll post your Craigslist ad in any city you choose—as many times as you want.

Our Done-For-You Craigslist Posting Service Delivers Hot, Targeted Leads And Sales Minutes After Your Ad Goes Live In Any City!


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When we handle your Craigslist Posting you can:

  • Get New Customers Faster
  • Sell More Of Your Products And Services
  • Build Your Business Rapidly
  • Track Every Listing In Real Time
  • You Wont Need Any Other Craigslist Poster or a Craigslist Posting Software

AND we’ll even help you write the ad! We do all the work while you sit back and watch the responses roll in!

Ultimate Craigslist Posting Service!

  • Our Service is a cut above the competition.
  • Here’s why: We have our own PVAs, IPs nationwide!,  we have Writers, Custom Control Panel with real time campaign tracking, Image Ad Service, In-house Internet Marketing Consultants who can give you expert advice on how to scale up your business.

In other words, we don’t just post your ads — we help you get leads and sales. You benefit from our experience running thousands of campaigns every day. Our results speak for themselves. We have a very low ratio of flagged ads.


Your Craigslist Hassles Are Over!

With our Craigslist Poster Service you get:

  • Our ability to post your listing in the city of your choice according to the schedule you specify
  • 24 hour a day/ 7 day a week/ 365 days a year customer support
  • Increased traffic to all your sites.
  • English-speaking posters
  • Increased exposure to your products means the cash register will be ringing with more sales
  • More calls for your services means you'll be reeling in clients like trout on the first day of fishing season
  • No paying for ghosted ads
  • Quick turnaround--once we receive your copy and set a schedule, your ad goes live within 3-5 days, we need few days to set up your campaign(s)
  • You don't pay for IPs or PVAs. It's all included!
  • And much, much more!

Detailed Analytics!

  • With your personal login and password, you'll gain access to our exclusive administration panel. At a glance, you can see how many ads you have running live and which were flagged or ghosted. Your statistics are constantly updated live--you stay in total control, and can make adjustments on-the-fly to maximize your investment.
  • Remember, you only pay for live posts. You never have to pay for ghosted posts! (Caution: Keep in mind you have to take care of any flagged posts, because we cannot control competitors or 3rd parties doing any flagging.)


Contact, Pricing and Ordering Instructions!

Our prices start from $1 per ad, but depends on your volume and section. We prefer first to talk about your needs then about pricing. So, please feel free to contact us.



Post Per Day*

Price Per Live Ad





> 150

Contact us for custom pricing

We post in For Sale, Services and Housing Sections


- *We do NOT post less then 30 ads per day
-  We do NOT post in Jobs Section


Contact Us At:

skype at: leadswarrior (feel free to ad us)

Visit Our Main Site:

(We prefer Skype because we eventually have to meet online to show you some stats and other useful stuff of what we can do, and also to exchange links and information with us.)

Here’s what we need from you:

  • Let us know what section(s) and cities, states you want to advertise in
  • Provide us titles and body ads if you have them
  • Let us know your schedule and timing when you want us to list the ads for you
  • We require 7 days up-front payment. Why? Because we invest in a lot of tools to run your campaign and on the other hand we want to avoid clients that are not serious
  • We need 5-7 days to set up your campaign and get it running 
  • We provide you your log in data to our control panel to track the ad sin real time
  • We track ads and then review with you how the campaign(s) is working—you let us know the number of sales and leads that the campaign has generated so we can tweak and refine it.

    We accept
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    If we would not be able to start your campaign for whatever reasons (even if that never happened to us) we will
    100% entirely refund you. Also, we will refund you partially or entirely if we would not be able to get you live ads and you decide to stop the collaboration with us (that never been the case) .

    If we started your campaign and you got live ads for the entire amount you spent with us we are not going to refund you as we already did our job. More than that, we are not responsible if you do not get the desired sales or leads from your campaign, you are the only one responsible for that, we would give you advises and help you based on our experience with previous clients in similar niches as yours, but we cannot control sales for you, so, low sales is no reason for you to ask for refund, so, we will not refund.


    Our service does not intend to abuse or overload third parties sites. It is the responsibility of the buyer to adhere to the Terms of Service of third parties sites. We are not responsible for any Terms of Service violations made by our customers.