Mission Outreach

Offering practical help:
Many Christian communities around the world are in need of support to develop the work of the Church's ministry to serve the the people amongst whom they live.
The 'Reliable People Network' can offer help to in a wide range of areas within church/community life.   Our desire is not to be prescriptive but to offer help and support from a Biblical perspective with the desire to serve and encourage.
Some examples of what support can be offered:
  1. Church structure
  2. Leadership training
  3. Discipleship training
  4. Evangelism outreach
  5. Children's ministry
  6. Christian Family ministry
  7. Music & Drama ministry 
Specific Needs:
Churches may have specific needs which they would like the 'Reliable People Network' to address, if this is the case then please get in touch with us where we can discuss how to best make plans to deliver material dealing with your specific needs.