The Reliable People Network:

How it all began:

This ministry began after a ‘chance’ over-breakfast conversation between Hugh Henderson of Mission International; part of a mission team returning from Tanzania to Kenya;

and Aloice Okuku who was also part of the team.   The team had stopped overnight in a small hotel in Nairobi after a 14 hour journey by coach from Morogoro.   After a good and restful night’s sleep Hugh & Aloice began talking as they ate their breakfast together.   Aloice, heavily burdened by long-term and recent events in his country, in particular the corruption seen at government level and elsewhere asked the question “what can we do to bring about lasting change”?   Hugh was perplexed by the question and since he had no easy answer asked a question in reply “what would Jesus do in the situation”?

Hugh was so aware, as he pondered Aloice’s heartfelt question, that the answers to the big questions in our world today can be answered by modelling our lives and ministries on Christ Himself.   Jesus showed us a clear model when he began to institute his change on our world.   Jesus could have started a mega-church by ‘recruiting’ the multitudes that he fed (5000 men one day and 4000 men on another – not counting women and children).   However he chose to develop the lives of a few chosen men with whom he would leave the responsibility, once their training was completed, to deliver His church to communities across the known world.   He told them that although this was His Church and that the Holy Spirit would come and empower them for the task, it was their responsibility to bring it about.  

The Apostle Paul reiterates this model in 2 Timothy 2:2 when he commands is ‘son in the faith’ Timothy to deploy ‘Reliable People’ to carry the true message of the Gospel to their generation in what was a most difficult period of history for the church.   This model is repeated by Paul again and again throughout his Epistles demonstrating God’s plan for us even today.

The Reliable People Network is intended to develop this model in the context of our local situations today.   Reliable People need training and so this ministry is also a platform to deliver training to committed Christians worldwide who wish to make a difference in their generation.   Discipleship, leadership, family life, children’s ministry training and much, much more can be delivered by experienced and committed teachers/trainers.  

Please consider joining us in our mission as we join together to see the Message of Christ to bring His Light and Life to our communities fulfilled.