Assessment Tools:

Strengths & Weaknesses and Improving them

The purpose of assessment is primarily to improve student performance,

 not merely audit it.  -Grant Wiggens


SESSION ONE: Terminology

SESSION TWO Factors affecting Reliability and Validity

SESSION THREE AND FOUR : Strengths and weaknesses of Assessment tools; improving reliability and validity of assessment tools

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 The online learners debated on the strengths and weaknesses of various assessment tools and the deficiencies of the present examination system. They also discussed ways and means of improving the reliability and validity of assessment tools.


The discussions can be downloaded (click here). The main themes discussed are listed below:

  • Assessment tools: strengths and weaknesses
  •  Deficiencies in our present evaluation system
  •  Miller’s pyramid


     ·        Viva voce

o       Viva voce Vs. OSCE

o       Should Oral Exams be used for high stake evaluation

·        How to test ability to carry out self-directed learning

·        Clinical examination

·        Multiple Choice Questions

·        OSCE

·        Questionnaires

·        MiniCEX

·        Web-based Evaluations

·        Portfolio

·        Standardized patient

·        Marks Vs. Grading system in evaluation

·        Self-assessment tools