Introduction to Terms

If you are not certain where you are going, you may end up elsewhere
(and not even know it!)


SESSION ONE: Introduction to terms

SESSION TWO Factors affecting Reliability and Validity

SESSION THREE AND FOUR : Strengths and weaknesses of Assessment tools; improving reliability and validity of assessment tools

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We invite your opinions and views on the following issues:

  1. What do you think are the most appropriate assessment tools in different learning areas of your subject? Please discuss evaluation of cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains with examples.

  2. Which according to you are the most appropriate assessment tools in the following situations:
  • Pre-testing of students before beginning a series of lectures to assess their basic knowledge
  • Assessment of ability of a student to pursue self learning after passing final MBBS
  • Ability of a student to defend his clinical diagnosis
  • Ability to work as an effective member of a health team
  • Ability to reassure parents of a child who has a bad prognosis 
  • Ability of a student to carry out health education activities in the community
  • Ability of a student to carry out a psychomotor skill.

3.  What are the appropriate assessment tools in your curriculum   
     innovation project?

Download document (click herecontaining

  • Introduction to terms: Measurement, Assessment, Evaluation
  • Characteristics of evaluation tools: Relevance, Validity, Reliability, Objectivity, Feasibility
  • Validity and Reliability: Definitions
  • Types of Validity and Reliability

 Download document (click herecontaining Compiled responses from Fellows and Faculty

  • The Concept of Validity and Reliability
  • Validity: Types
  •  Clarifying the concept of Construct Validity
  • Reliability: Types
  •  Difficulties in achieving reliability
  •  Which is more important: validity or reliability?
  •  Can a perfectly valid test be unreliable?
  • Measuring validity and reliability