Reliability & Validity of Assessment Tools in Medical Education

Compiled Resources from an Online Discussion carried out by

CMCL-FAIMER Fellows of the Class of 2007 in March 2007


Not everything that can be counted counts,

and not everything that counts can be counted.    

                                                                                                   - Albert Einstein


SESSION ONE: Terminology

SESSION TWO Factors affecting Reliability and Validity

SESSION THREE AND FOUR : Strengths and weaknesses of Assessment tools; improving reliability and validity of assessment tools

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The CMCL-FAIMER Fellows of the Batch of 2007 chose to deliberate on the 'reliability and validity of various assessment tools' used in the arena of medical education during an online discussion. The topic emerged a hot favourite after multi-voting was carried out at the first residential foundation course held in January 2007 in Ludhiana.

This rather vast topic was discussed in the four weeks that followed under the following heads:

Week One :

Introduction to terms and use in assessment

Week Two :

Deficiencies in our present systems of evaluation

Factors which affect reliability and validity 

Weeks Three and Four:

Strengths and weaknesses of assessment tools

Improving reliability and validity of assessment tools

Improving assessment in curriculum innovation projects

This website documents the process of online learning and the resources that were shared and thoughts that emerged out of the discussion.