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SESSION ONE: Terminology

SESSION TWO Factors affecting Reliability and Validity

SESSION THREE AND FOUR : Strengths and weaknesses of Assessment tools; improving reliability and validity of assessment tools

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William P. Burdick, M.D., M.S.Ed. Associate Vice President for Education, Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research: Congratulations on a fantastic discussion of the concepts of reliability and validity! I think the CMCL-FAIMER Regional Institute 2006/2007 Fellows and their faculty should get a dozen gold stars for a stimulating, provocative on-line interaction.

Keep up the good work on the listserv. Your postings have been excellent in the information they have provided and the questions they have asked. Your discussion can serve as an exemplar for the rest of us!

Balchandra Adkoli: As an educationist rooted in the philosophy of "Constructivism", I hold the view that people construct their own "truth" of the reality. No one knows what is absolute reality. We try to negotiate with reality through our own perception, experience and intuition. The debates regarding different forms of validity and reliability will continue for ever. Even if there is an element of more or less confusion at the end of the day, we are winners, because we made an effort to understand.