Research Background:

  • Cloud Computing technologies are emerging.
  • Enterprises are looking for new business models by taking advantage of Cloud Computing technologies.
  • Cloud Computing service models:

  • Quality Attributes is used for defining the non-functional requirements of a complex system.

  • System Reliability is used to evaluate a complex computing systems.

    Reliability Block Diagram (RDB)

  • Enterprise Architecture is used to describe components and their interrelationship.

Research Problem:

  • Argue the implementation of Cloud Computing service models should apply the following framework into design:
    • Before building the Service Models:
      • Define Quality Attributes:
        • Non-functional Requirements.
          • System Attributes
          • Architecture Attributes
          • Biz Attributes
      • Define Service Components and Performance Factors:
        • Using Architecture Description Language.
          • Baseline Architecture
          • Target Architecture
          • Transformation
          • xADL 6 Golden Rules
          • Re-useability
      • Define Reliable Block Diagrams and the formulae of Probability of Failure,
        • Layered Architecture
        • Re-usability
      • Design System Reliability Monitoring mechanism.
        • Online Performance Factors collection
        • Reliability Attributes feedback
    • After Service Models built:
      • Collecting Performance Factors from Performance Factors,
      • Re-evaluate System Reliability during run-time.

Apr 23, 2011, 4:42 PM