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My Story

Relax In Style Wraps started when I went looking for a heat wrap in my local health food stores and couldn't find one. I went to four different health food stores and finally found one shoved in the very back of a shelf. It was dirty and still cost $30, but I was desperate for relief so I bought it. I was so frustrated that I couldn't find something as simple as a heat wrap so I decided to start making them and made them available for people who need relief. 
My mother is the seamstress and puts these beautiful wraps together. 
The wraps have helped bring my stress levels down and also help me sleep at night, as the soothing heat and lavender scent make it much easier to fall asleep now. My husband was quickly on board and wanted one right away, and now I see him throwing a hot wrap around his neck while sitting on the couch, or sleeping with it on chilly nights. The great experience I had with my own heat wrap led me to recommend it to my mother and my father who were also having a hard time sleeping at night due to stress, and now both of them use them daily and also sleep with their wraps every night.
I hope that you will enjoy your soothing wrap as much as I enjoy mine.

-Annie Looysen