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 Paper Title
Professor Adrian Bradbrook
Overcoming the Legal and Policy Impediments Hindering the Rapid Deployment of Solar and Wind Energy
Prof. Dr. Volkmar Lauber, University of Salzburg European experiences with FIT and TGC schemes: economics, policy and politics
Matthew Rimmer,
ANU College of Law
Intellectual Property and Climate Change: Inventing Clean Technologies
Wayne Smith, Director - Clean Energy Services   
Driving Investment in Large-Scale Solar in Australia
Professor Pablo Del Rio Gonzalez - Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos (IPP), Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales (CCHS), Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)
Analysing the Innovation Effects of Support Schemes for Renewable Energy
Professor Rosemary Lyster, University of Sydney
The Role of Smart Grids in Providing Diverse and Distributed Renewable Energy Resources in Australia, the European Union and the United States
A.Prof. Benjamin Sovacool, National University of Singapore
 Best Practices for Promoting Renewable Energy in Developed and Developing Countries
Greg Buckman, ANU, and Dr. Mark Diesendorf, University of New South Wales 
Failings and possible remedies for Australia’s renewable electricity tradable certificate scheme
 Dermot Duncan, Special Counsel, Crisp Legal
Commercial barriers to small and medium scale renewable energy projects in Australia – a lawyer’s perspective on the drivers and barriers to successful projects with an analysis of the Australian, UK and US positions
Dr Alex Wawryk, Law, University of Adelaide
 “Planning for Offshore Wind Energy in South Australia: A Comparative Review with the United Kingdom”
Dr. Hugh Saddler, Crawford School and Fenner School, ANUReducing the emissions intensity of electricity supply: implementation of Australia's expanded Mandatory Renewable Energy Target
 Assoc. Prof. Tom Faunce, ANU College of Law     Regulating Nanotechnology for Renewable Energy: Reasons and Models for a Global Artificial Photosynthesis Project.
 Prof. Stephen Ferrey, Suffolk University, Boston.
 A workable model for renewable energy in developing countries
 Dr. Andreas Luzzi, Applied Energy Research Pty Ltd
Policy needs from an RE industrialist's point of view: Do policy makers really know the true status and dynamics of the RE markets?
 Mr Andrew Macintosh, Centre for Climate Law and Policy, ANU College of Law
 Searching for public benefits in solar subsidies: A case study on the Australian Government’s residential photovoltaic rebate program
 Dr. James Prest, Centre for Climate Law and Policy, ANU College of LawWhy is Australia Thinking Small? Feed-in Tariff Caps and Limits in Australia
Anne Kallies. PhD Candidate, Univeristy of Melbourne
Legal barriers to renewable energy development - Institutional and regulatory design of the Australian Electricity Market
 Anton Vikstrom, Climate Justice Initiative, Nossal Foundation for Global Health, University of Melbourne
 Climate Change, Energy and Justice in East Timor
Hao Zhang, PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne
Market Mechanism and Low Carbon Strategy in China: implications on the role of Renewable Energy Law and Energy Saving Law in advancing renewable energy technologies