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The Hidden Secret To Dodge A Nasty, Drawn Out, Emotionally Brutal Divorce (there, I said the “D” word)

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Spiritual Teacher Stumbles On To The Spiritual Secret To Repairing Marriages By Just Counseling "Her" And A 15 Minute Phone Call To "Him"And Its So Powerful - Its GUARANTEED!


Dear Frustrated Seeker,

While that is a very bold statement, this is a very bold offer and neither should be taken lightly. Let me introduce myself, my name is Dr. Mark Tong and I am a Spiritual Healer/Teacher and work at a spiritual retreat in Saint Petersburg, Florida called Crystal Bay.  For the most part, I was assisting others in wellness, healing and even dealing with their “emotional trauma”.  

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Just About One-Year Ago Something Really Important Happened

We had a guest check into Crystal Bay who was dealing with trauma, anxiety and depression.  Through counseling, I found the “root” of the majority of her “issues” were from her marriage.  She had two children and she and her husband had been together for 20 years…

“But They Just “Drifted Apart”

I quickly realized that in order for her to get better, something had to be done with her marriage.  I decided to set aside a ninety-minute session with her to understand every aspect of her marriage.  Upon completing the session, we had created a short, instructive, 7-item detail of some ideas he could do to enhance their relationship.

Fortunately, We Had One Little Problem…

As often with our guests and clients, “she” is there by herself and “he” is hundreds or even thousands of miles away at home with the kids.  So, we arranged for a short 15-minute “coaching call” to him.  Because on this particular weekend I was conducting a workshop, I knew that I only had minutes between presentations to make this call.  The call was short, sweet and to the point. He embraced every word as if I was giving him that night’s Lotto numbers.

By the next day … I knew I was on to something!

The following day, I ran into her in the dining room at the retreat and she said to me “I don’t know what you said to him, but when I spoke to him on the phone last night … he was different, he just seemed different”.

Her arrival home, was one of the most critical moments in her life!

She approached her front door and opened it with the suspense of a drive-in movie, Once inside, she instantly knew … “he was in”, that he was willing to do whatever it took for them to stay together.

This is where I discovered … “Counsel Her” and “Coach Him”

Eureka!  The mother load of loads!  Counseling is more of a feminine form of communication and coaching is more of a masculine form of communication.  He just wants it fixed!  Clients I have worked with and attended counseling tell me the same story.  Either “we fought all the way home” or “didn’t speak to each other for days”.  By creating a “game plan” with “her” and coaching him to execute the “plan” we found a winner.  

This approach brings couples together, instantly or …

What if he is not “in”, and is non-responsive?  Unfortunately /fortunately, she will know instantly that it might be time to “move on”.  He is not “in”.  Maybe it is a another woman on-the-side or “he just checked-out”.  Regardless of the situation there is one very important thing (and I mean, really important) and that is …

You Did Everything That YOU Could Possibly Do!

Hey, the reason why this is so important and is one of the most overlooked aspects to “permanent separation” or the “dissolution of a marriage” is the grieving process.  In divorce, everything can be “up for grabs” and what is at stake is very emotionally charged.  Not just the lifestyle, finances, but the marital home, children, friends and family …

Even the dog is at stake!

Experts say that the loss of a child is one of the most emotionally charged events that someone may experience.  However, the loss of a child due to suicide is even higher.  The reason for this is the “would’ve, should’ve, could’ve” factor.  The parents keeps wishing that they “would’ve, should’ve, could’ve” done something differently.  And while this is very true...

Loss of a marriage is very similar…

Upon the dissolution of a marriage, she plays the scenario of what she, “would’ve, should’ve, could’ve” done differently to save the marriage.  Add in the idea that if it is a second marriage and she helped raise his children from a previous marriage, there is a good chance that she will lose contact with those children.

There’s a lot more at stake than “just kicking him to the curb”

Yes, it is easy for friends and even family to tell you just “split up”, but there is a lot at stake and it is generally even more than most people realize.  There is a Spiritual component in every relationship, especially Significant Relationships, that should be addressed.

“Now, hear me out on this…”

Remember, I work at a Spiritual Retreat and we address the Spiritual aspect of everything.  The difficulties that arise in relationships are often there for you to learn from.  We have all heard about the girl with an abusive parent, only to marry someone with the same behavior and characteristics.  They continue throughout their life going from relationship to relationship and still attracting the same type of person.

This is where I come in …

This “Relationship Repair” system that I have developed not only addresses this repeating “situation”, but you are given the tools to break the pattern!  I tell each and every one of my clients that “it does not matter if you stay with him or not, just break the pattern.”

But there’s more!

Not only does the “Relationship Repair” system create a coaching plan for him, and addresses the Spiritual aspect and repeating patterns of the relationship, but it also addresses:

  • Any negative “energy” that exists

  • Negative emotions tied to each other

  • The “Life Lessons” of the relationship

  • Addresses your 3 only options

  • Wipes out any past betrayal issues

  • Soul Contracts that exists between you

These are just a few of the many aspects of the “process” but with so much at stake, I decided to offer a Free, Marriage/Relationship Assessment”. You are just one phone call from knowing if there is anything that can be done and at least you can say ...

“You've Tried Everything...”

One very important detail to note about this process, something so POWERFUL, you are going to say, “yes, Dr. Mark count me in” and that is the fact that you do not need to tell “him” or get his “approval” because we are not asking him to go to counseling.  You can tell him that you are going to a Spiritual Healer/Teacher, to just "find yourself". A Spiritual retreat that is only for three-days and two-nights is all about "healing you, Spiritually" and "finding yourself". Once you begin the "Process", you can tell him that you met with the Spiritual Healer and that he is actually a relationship "coach" and that he had a few ideas to "enhance our relationship".  The Process” does not require him to do anything, but talk to a for just a few minutes over the phone.

He does not even have to put on a clean shirt!

Yes, he does not have to go anywhere, or do much of anything, he can be lying on the couch watching the game and turn down the sound for just a few minutes to take one of the most important phone call in his life (the call that may not only save his marriage, but could bring the two of you together, like it once was).

Program Outline:

        Day One 

 6:00 PM          Welcome Dinner in the main dining room


 7:30 PM          "Release Negativity" creating a "clean slate"

        Day Two


7:30-9:30 AM    Breakfast made to order omelets and buffet  

8:30 AM            Movement for Life - Yoga (optional)

10:00 AM            "The Divinity of Relationships"

Private Sessions with Dr. Tong  


12:00-1:00            Lunch

2:00 PM            "Communication for Healthy Relationship"

Private Sessions with Dr. Tong

 6:00 PM            Dinner in the main dinning room

 7:30 PM            "Releasing The Past Ceremony"

        Day Three      

7:30-9:30 AM    Breakfast made to order omelets and buffet 

10:00 AM           "Bullet Proofing"

Private Sessions with Dr. Tong

A scheduled "Coaching Call" to "him" prior to your return.


The program includes 2 additional follow up calls (if needed).


Call Now To Begin Healing Your Relationship!

Phone 727 365-2321

Healing International, LLC

At The Crystal Bay Hotel

7401 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33774

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But, I Want To Know "How Much?"

A private session with Dr. Tong, the follow up sessions and your stay at the Crystal Bay Resort could cost as much as $10,000 and worth every penny (the average legal fee for a divorce is between $15,000 and $30,000, then you end up splitting half of the 'stuff' that really can cost).

However, throughout the year we have "Healing Weeks" and weekend were we offer a special "group rate". This is where the insights, classes and lectures are compacted into a group format and each attendee gets "full-blown", one-on-one counseling with Dr. Tong along with the coaching call to him.

By limiting this event to 9 7 wives we are able to offer the entire, all inclusive, 2 night/3 day event for just a fraction of that amount. This includes your stay at the Crystal Bay Hotel, all meals the classes, workshops and counseling sessions including the "priceless" coaching call to him.




Plus Our Totally Unheard Of ... Money Back Guarantee

If at anytime during your stay at Crystal Bay you feel "this is not for me" (or for any other reason whatsoever) just let any of our staff members know and receive a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. PLUS: Continue to stay at the hotel as our guest, go shopping, visit the nearby Gulf Beaches until your scheduled departure... this is the POWER of this process!

Still on the fence? Not Really Sure?

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We look forward to speaking with you!


Dr. Mark

P.S.   Call today for a FREE ASSESSMENT phone 727 365-2321 - the emotional and financial impact of saving your marriage could make this the most important call of your life... and the call is FREE!

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