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Key fob mini camera instructions

I can't find any decent instructions for this thing.  They're all terribly translated Chinese to English.  Here's what I've found works.  I hope it helps you.
The two triangle-shaped buttons near the keychain end and opposite the camera lens and microphone end don’t do anything.

Plug it in to charge - steady orange light comes on.
No indicator of complete charge - orange light never goes out.
Unplug it - steady orange light stays on - unit is on.

Turn on
Firmly push on/off button to turn unit on in still photo mode.

Still photo
Firmly push shutter release button to take a still photo.
Each push of the shutter release button takes a still photo.

Push and hold shutter release button until the orange light flashes three times and goes out - you are now filming even though the light is out and the unit seems to be off.
Firmly push shutter release button to end video - orange light comes on.
Note: There is no difference in appearance between a unit that is off and a unit that is filming a video.
Maximum clip length = 30 minutes.

Turn off
Push and hold on/off button for three seconds until orange light turns off.
Auto-off after ~30 seconds.