Special Thanks to...

A few people who have pushed me on my way to becoming a computer engineer. 

Keith Ensminger for teaching me BASIC in high school and starting me on my path to learning how to program.

Ken Hair for continuing Mr. Ensminger's teaching in other programming languages and sparking my interest in complicated math algorithms.

John Neurohr, Jr. for telling me about RIT and encouraging me to attend there.

John Neurohr, Sr. for paying my tuition.

Sean Strout for teaching me how to properly program, use UNIX, and use Eclipse, and for working with me while I was an SLI.

Fei Hu for being my faculty adviser, my Assembly teacher, and my HDL lab instructor at RIT.

Tim Madigan for spurring my interest in philosophy and encouraging me to think like a philosopher.

Mike Mol for creating Rosetta Code and keeping me interested in programming.

Randall Munroe for creating a great comic and community suitable for discussing my nerdy interests.