A collection of nerdy things


intToWords (a Java program I wrote as an answer to someone else's job interview question)

too much math (some number crunching stuff I've done)

chance (a Java program I wrote in response to something my 11th grade chem teacher told me)

usefulMath (extra Java math operations I wrote myself)

prime (an example of things I've learned how to do in Ruby)

chatprog.jpg (a screenshot of a chat program I made for a Java project)

qb45 (installer for Microsoft QuickBasic v4.5 -- my first programming language...it has always had a special place in my heart)

QB board game (a game made in Microsoft QuickBasic)

Snakes in a Game (a game I made in a team for a class in Spring 2007)

Truth (a truth table generator made in Java)

RCBF (a Brainf**k interpreter made in Java for RosettaCode) 

FSM (a deterministic FSM simulator made in Java)

PDA (a deterministic PDA simulator made in Java)

EasyMock Tutorial (a tutorial I wrote to help people with using EasyMock)

MWNBot (an IRC bot written in Java using PircBot)


Neurohr's Spanish Room (a response to John Searle's Chinese Room)

Philosophical Questions (more philosophizing from a kid who has only taken two classes on it)


Special Thanks to... (people who I'd like to thank for helping me)

About the author (a small blurb by me, about me)

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