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A few things people might like to know about me. Easily transferable to a wiki on myself when I do something great.

Early life:

I was born in Harrisburg, PA, and lived in a suburb of that city until I was nine. I attended Lawnton Elementary School where I do not recall ever being particularly interested in computers (I bet it was because we used those wonderful Apples back then). I was interested in math, though (well...as interested as you can be in elementary school). I moved across the river while I was still in elementary school to a better school district (no offense, Central Dauphin). Through middle school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but I was not worried.

High School:

Sometime near the end of middle school, when most of my friends were still playing pokémon, a friend of mine told me about a class at the high school called "computer math." He told me kids who took that class got to make video games for projects. I was very interested. We learned about different programming languages through all four computer math classes. We started with QuickBasic, then Pascal, Apple IIe assembly, C/C++, Java, and finally I learned some Visual Basic for myself during the last quarter of senior year. The rest of my high school career was odd. In 9th grade, I was in honors history (honors classes in my school were the ones that counted extra for our weighted GPA), but I did not particularly enjoy it. The next year I was on the normal track with everything. Junior year, computer math 3 was made into an honors class even though nothing was added to it. Senior year, I had more freedom with my schedule. I took biochemistry and physics 1 (both honors) and was interested in both. My interest in biochemistry did not take me anywhere, but physics (along with average success in calculus) led me to engineering. This interest, combined with all of the programming classes, led to my choice of computer engineering as a major in college.


I had applied to three colleges during my senior year in high school: SUNY Binghamton, The University of Pittsburgh, and RIT. For one reason or another, I lost interest in Binghamton, and eventually Pitt answered. They had accepted me to a satellite campus in Greensburg, PA (where my dad grew up). I had the paper signed saying I was going to go there and it was on the kitchen table ready to be mailed when RIT's response arrived. Once I saw that I was accepted here, I knew Pitt had no chance. We visited in April and handed over the deposit after someone explained co-ops to me (best idea ever, by the way). My first year here, I was in a learning community with other CEs. We had lots of our classes together and it worked out very well. We had our first three calculus and computer science classes together, along with a few CE-specific classes. Our CS classes were taught by Sean Strout, who was a major contributor to my interest in programming. After the first year, many people had left computer engineering (it halves at the end of the first year I've heard), but I was still going strong. I am in my second year now and still interested in CE. In my software engineering class, I have finished a complex project (a spelling game for elementary school students with stat tracking for teacher use) with a group of four other students. I enjoy working in groups, since I do not know everything and sometimes need help. I have a job on campus as a student lab instructor (a TA basically) for a computer science class. I discovered while I was taking CS that I enjoy explaining things to people, so this job worked nicely. Eventually I was "promoted" to the experimental posistion of supplemental instructor. This posistion was similar to the previous job, but now I had to run my own study sessions for kids twice a week. I do not see myself switching majors any time soon, as my interest in CE continues. I discovered that I am more interested in the software side of CE, and started a minor in CS as a result. A major factor may be that I have taken only a few classes dealing with hardware. Overall, RIT has treated me well, and I hope to be able to contribute to RIT even after I have left, since it really is one of the best places on Earth.


I worked for Spectracom Corp. during Winter Quarter 2007 (December 2007 to March 2008) creating a wireless network for fast-moving planes. We worked in conjunction with Boeing to make a multi-mesh tree, ad hoc network. Dr. Nirmala Shenoy supervised our work.

I worked at Thomson Reuters (formerly Thomson West) for my second co-op Fall and Winter quarter of 2008 (September 2008 to February 2009). I tested components of a content management system in Java (JUnit and Rational Functional Tester).

I worked at RIT CIMS for my third co-op during Summer and Fall of 2009 (June 2009 to Novermber 2009). I created GUIs and DB access classes in Java. I also tested these classes using JUnit and EasyMock. I also created some portlets using ICEfaces and Liferay.


Along the way to where I am, I have gathered a few more interests on the side of my main goal of being a computer engineer. In high school (during my computer math classes, actually), I developed an interest in algorithms and doing complex math operations with computers. Also in high school, I started to develop an interest in philosophy. I enjoyed debating the big questions in life with my friends, and always felt good when I had a solid, logical reason for believing what I did. This interest continues in college with my liberal arts concentration in philosophy. Recently I roughly outlined a response to John Searl's "Chinese Room" in a philosophy paper. Be ready to see "Neurohr's Spanish Room" in philosophy and computer science textbooks soon.I have also become heavily involved with RosettaCode. I contribute code, help with upkeep and infrastructure, and write weekly blog posts about what's going on on the site.


email: rekaeuqs1 at gmail dot com (I'm not sure if typing it out like that solves any problems, but I trust my professors)
wikipedia userpage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Mwn3d
rosettacode userpage: http://rosettacode.org/rosettacode/w/index.php?title=User:Mwn3d