Re adds reworked versions of the popular game types Team ArenaMaster v4, Freon v2, and Team DeathMatch v2 to Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004).

    The reworked versions fix bugs, add optimizations and new features to these game types.


Freon v2 / Team ArenaMaster v4 / Team DeathMatch v2

  • Log Chat Messages
  • Score Recovery
  • Spawn Protection is shown with a distinct visual effect and with a counter for the player.
  • Players under spawn protection ignore momentum from weapon damage.
  • Team Radar shows teammate positions. Position and size the radar with MoveRadar <X> <Y> and SizeRadar <Size>. Toggle with ShowRadar. Reset with ResetRadar.
  • Centered Damage Indicators surround the crosshair with damage indicators. This feature can be toggled and prevented from being used by a server administrator.
  • Standard Damage Indicators can be disabled.
  • Log Match Statistics (HTML) if the server administrator allows it.
  • Country Code support to have the scoreboard and HUD show the flag to all players.
  • Damage Numbers can be sown on the HUD. Toggle with the command ShowDamage or through [Esc] and the HUD tab.
  • Separate Color Control over symbols or names and character skins.
  • Improved Camper Detection Logic will only punish camping players if they are camping far away, or have not been seen by their opponents because they are hiding.
  • Camper Location can be revealed to all and shown on the HUD.
  • Enemy/Team Info can be changed in size and the number of enemies/teammates drawn can be changed independently.
  • EnemyBoost scales weapon damage momentum applied to enemy players. Tweak how far a player gets thrown around from weapon damage.
  • OwnDamageScale scales the amount of damage players take from hurting themselves with their own weapons. Don't want players to take any damage from their own weapons? Set it to 0.0.
  • OwnBoost scales weapon damage momentum applied to players when they hurt themselves with their own weapons. If used in combination with OwnDamageScale, players can jump around with weapon projectiles without taking any damage, or take less damage. A good value to try is 1.5.
  • (Reduced Network Traffic) Data sent to clients has been reduced by 150+%. Spectators no longer receive the extra team health and position (100% reduction). Players no longer receive the team health and position of their opponents, or for their own character (50+% reduction).
  • (Adrenaline Combo Control) Disable any adrenaline combo through the UT2004.ini file by entering the key combo. For example, DenyAdrenalineCombo=BBFF to disable a back-back-forward-forward combo.
  • Keybind Any Adrenaline Combo with the UseCombo <KeyComboString> command. For example, set input F5 UseCombo BBFF will trigger that combo on hitting F5.
  • Spectate Enemies when you are out if allowed by the server administrator.
  • Current Location Name is shown in the upper left part of the HUD and can be toggled through [Esc] and the HUD tab.
  • Ping & P/L can be drawn on the HUD and toggled using the command ShowNet or toggled through [Esc] and the HUD tab..
  • Packet Loss Tracking shows the packet loss number in a different color on the scoreboard when any player has experienced packet loss during the match. This means that players can quickly see if someone else has suffered from packet loss without having to pay close attention to numbers changing on the scoreboard.
  • Custom Team Names for Red and Blue teams can be set through WebAdmin. The command SetTeamName <TeamIndex> <NewTeamName> can be used by administrators to change the names during a match. Leaving out <NewTeamName> will reset the team name to its default.
  • Team Resources are shown on the HUD. In a match where players have limited respawns, the total number of respawns are shown for each team on the HUD. In normal Team DeathMatch games, it shows how many players are on each team. Separate symbols are used for each of context. This option can be toggled with ShowResources or through [Esc] and the HUD tab.
  • Players have their screens fade in from their selected team color when spawning.
  • Slow-motion ragdoll activated on the final death of a round or match.
  • Rage Quit gets announced to all when a player quits shortly after getting killed.

..and a lot of minor and major fixes.

Team DeathMatch v2

  • Team Adrenaline Combos are now supported.
  • Camper Check is now supported. Instead of calling a draw, players will instead be left with at least 1 health.
  • Team Change Adrenaline Reset can now be controlled by server administrators. When a player leaves a smaller team for a bigger team, a previously hard-coded rule in Team DeathMatch would reset the adrenaline of that player.
  • Pickup Broadcast Shows who picked up the super items on the map. If Weapon Stay is disabled, who picked up the weapon is also broadcast.
  • Reverse Friendly Fire (RFF) is now supported.
  • Damage Bonus is now supported.
  • Administrators can now control whether a team killed player should be able to respawn in a match with finite lives (MaxLives > 0). This was previously a hard-coded rule in Team DeathMatch. It's disabled by default so it acts as seasoned players know it.
  • Weapon Toss option to control whether players toss their weapons on death.

Freon v2 / Team ArenaMaster v4

These team games use modified weapons and track more stats.

  • (Join from Spec) Players can join directly from a spectating slot. No more quitting and rejoining.
  • Disable Teleports until the round starts.
  • Players no longer lose their adrenaline when switching from a smaller team to a bigger team.
  • Delayed Damage Immunity when a round ends. Players can die if they go all guns blazing on the last player.
  • Draw Detection on camper penalty and overtime penalty. The round will be reset if all players would have died during either pass.
  • Arced Lightning is now tracked in the Lightning Gun statistics.
  • Shock Rifle statistics added for Stand Combos, Stolen Shock Combos, and Head Shot Hits.
  • Bio Rifle statistics added for single globs and charged globs separately.
  • Longest Head Shot Distance gets tracked in statistics if a hit is logged that's over 10 meters and applies to the Shock Beam and the Lightning Gun.
  • Flak Cannon statistics added for Flak Chunk (Primary) and Flak Shell (Secondary) as well as separately logging stray flak chunks from a flak Shell.
  • Shield Gun statistics added for Shield Impacts.
  • Keep Super Items such as the Double Damage, Super Health Pack, Super Shield Pack, or Redeemer if the map has those pickups. The pickups are spawned in their usual place.
  • Several novelty awards have been added and are shown in statistics.
  • Neutral Colored Random Pickups show as black and white icons instead of the confusingly team colored blue icon.
  • Improved Round Best Summary compares at least two players if they share the same score, and preferably from opposing teams.
  • Text announcement when a team scores.

Freon v2

  • Players who thaw teammates are not considered camping.
  • Players can be shattered to pieces at the end of a round on taking weapon damage, or from environmental factors, however, a slight nudge with the Shield Gun impact was left in for the lava pusher society.
  • Fully thawing a teammate can optionally reward ammunition.
  • Frozen/Thawing players have an ambient dripping sound.
  • Frozen players thawed by lava get a steaming effect and sizzling sound effect.
  • Message warning when you are about to thaw and view lock when close to thawing.
  • The message You THAWED is shown as usual, however, if others helped thaw a teammate, all get You HELPED THAW. The thawed player gets You were thawed by PlayerName if only one teammate help thaw, or You were thawed by N teammates if more players helped.
  • Scoreboard shows how many times a player has been awarded for thawing a teammate (Thawed) and how many times a player has frozen (Chilled).

HUD Crash Course

HUD Tutorial

  • Press [Esc] to access the new settings!
  • No matter what team you are on, your team score and resources are always drawn on the left, and it stays this way in the scoreboard as well.
  • Change the size and what is included in the team/enemy info on the left and right independently through [Esc] and HUD under the sections Teammates and Enemies.
  • Freely change the team symbol and player name colors through [Esc] and Team Colors separately from any character skin colors.
  • Hide the team resources using the command ShowResources or through [Esc] and HUD.
  • Move the teammate radar using the command MoveRadar 50 50 to center it.  Use ResetRadar to revert any changes.  Use SizeRadar 25 to make it a bit bigger.  Toggle showing it with ShowRadar.

Server Administrators

Known Issues

    Updated 2014-07-19

    As is tradition in software development, programmers are required to add errors to software whether they want to or not.  This is only to respect a long lived tradition of software development.


  • An unintended dependency on an external file DistantBooms.uax from the Bonus Pack was discovered.  This will cause the Re mod not to load up correctly for players without that file, or the Bonus Pack. In online games, this might not be a problem if the redirect server sends the file to the client, but for local play, the file must exist in UT2004\Sounds.  This will be corrected in a future release.


  • The option to disable the centered messages for Joined/Left/Entered/TeamChange is unfortunately not checked by the game and thus cannot be disabled, EVER.
Jul 14, 2014, 3:32 PM