They all float!

(Technically, they all glide.)

Allows players to glide through the air at the expense of adrenaline. The speed at which players glide depends on their initial velocity. As such, it can also be used to save yourself from the impact of a high fall.

1. Name:
2. Version: 0.9
3. Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 2004 v3369
4. Description:

    Hold down the Crouch button (C or Shift) to slow your descent. Everything comes at a cost.

4.1. Gameplay Tips

    - The standard cost is two (2) adrenaline units per second effective immediately.
    - Can be used to prevent damage from a high fall.
    - Dodge off the ground or walls to gain a greater velocity.
    - Completely silent movement.


    - MutTheyAllFloat: Responsible for adding the MutTheyAllFloatPowerup to the inventory of every human player.
    - MutTheyAllFloatPowerup: Handles the game logic.
    - TODO: Add mutator configuration options.
    - TODO: Review bot support.

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9. Download

- Download: Strategy Informer