1. Name: Elsinore ]i[
2. Version: 1
3. Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 2004 v3369 + Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition (ECE) or the UT2004 Mega Pack.

    (Note) You might get away with only downloading the texture package HourAdaraTexor.utx.  No guarantees.

4. Description:

    UT2004 remake of DmElsinore.

4.1. Gameplay Tips

    Mystery Hall - Shoot the floor in the center of the ring formed by pebbles of rock--a hatch will open for a limited time, revealing a small room leading to the bottom floor, very close to Serenity Garden.

    Mystery Hall - There is a wall which players can walk through.

    Water Canal - You can dive into the water and swim between two sections of the top floor.


    The BSP has been done from scratch in UEd 3, following the original level about 98 %.
    Most materials are stock UT2004 content.

6. Screen shots

6.1. Lava Hall

6.2. Serenity Garden

6.3. Mystery Hall

7. Credits

7.1. Level

    Cliff Bleszinski - Original level.
    rejecht - UT2004 remake.

7.2. Imported

    Music - "The Hive" by Kevin MacLeod. Royalty Free Music.

    Note to author: The song was edited for seamless looping by copying and crossfading the ending in at the beginning.  The song was resampled to 44 100 Hz and encoded to Ogg Vorbis.

    Unreal - The sounds for the movers were imported from Unreal, as well as some textures.

    Birds flapping their wings sound - By contributer tigersound.  The sound is played as a proximity cue (bFullVolume); it alerts players of other players approaching or leaving the Serenity Hall from a specific passage.

    Crow sounds - By contributer Q.K.

    Lake sounds - By contributer Benboncan.

    Shore sounds - By contributer digifishmusic.

    Heartbeat sound - By contributer zimm.

    (Beta 2 only) Birds chirping - By contributer crk365. The sound plays in the Serenity Garden.

7.3. Thanks

- Diehard
- GreatEmerald
- rmcollins3
- Rukifellth
- Tåz
- }TCP{

8. Homepage

rejecht's notes

9. Download

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