Re adds reworked versions of the popular game types Team ArenaMaster (ReTAM), Freon (ReFreon), and Team DeathMatch (ReTDM) to Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004).

    (This mod is currently in the beta stage but is playable and near completion.  It has primarily been tested in networked games versus bots.  It needs testing with other players.)

Public Test Server


Beta 1.0 #4G (2014-02-15) Coming Changes

    Note 1: The file name will follow the version thus giving this release the name Rev1b4g.u.  Keep that in mind when you have to look for [Rev1b4g.*] in UT2004.ini.  Removing all [Rev1b.*] sections in UT2004.ini is recommended to reduce any future troubleshooting.

    Note 2: All player settings are now stored in ReUser.ini.  Removing all [Rev1b.*] sections in User.ini is recommended to reduce any future troubleshooting.

  1. Changed (HUD) The following elements have been reverted to their original style: Timer, Adrenaline Combo, "You killed," "You were killed by," Killing Spree, Multikill, and First Blood.
  2. Changed (HUD) Team scores and symbols are now drawn separately from team resources.  Each can be toggled separately and are always drawn close to the center of the versus symbol.
  3. Changed (HUD) Moved down to the bottom of the HUD: Player IS OUT/DIED/THAWED/FROZE and can be disabled.
  4. Changed (HUD) The spectated player name and team name have been moved farther down to match original location.
  5. Changed (HUD) New novelty awards and alerts are now shown using plain text with no fancy zooming.
  6. Changed (Statistics HUD) Moved the team symbol to the center of the display.
  7. Changed (Statistics HUD) Now showing versus symbol between compared players.
  8. Changed (Headhunter | ReTAM | ReFreon) Now triggers on three head shot kills. Previously triggered on five head shot kills.
  9. Changed (Statistics HUD) Now showing shots fired for weapons.
  10. Changed (BioRifle | Statistics) The charged or alternate fire mode gets logged with its own damage type and only counts as fired once, no matter how many or how few globs are fired.
  11. New (Statistics HUD) Added Played to show how long a player has been part of the match.
  12. Fixed (Becoming Spectator) Thaws are now reset as part of the cleanup when a player leaves to become a spectator.
  13. Fixed (ResetRadar) Now resets to correct defaults.
  14. Fixed (Landing) A sound effect will always play when a player lands. @Eliot
  15. Fixed (ReTDM) Winning teams are now correctly sent when a match ends when the other team is out of lives.
  16. Fixed (Bots) Now correctly enter the dead state immediately when added while a round is live.
  17. Fixed (Shield Gun | ReTAM | ReFreon) Animation issue corrected in AnimEnd. @GreatEmerald
  18. New (Scoreboard) Added option to show game rules. Disabled by default.
  19. New (Scoreboard) The match type now includes bot difficulty level.
  20. New (HUD) Retribution announced to all. "Player got retribution on Other Player"
  21. New (Shock Rifle Head Shot) Head shot hits and kills are now counted for the Shock Rifle beam.
  22. Removed (HUD Kill Combo) The kill combo was showing the count on the lower right side of the HUD and would indicate multikill awards (2x, 3x, 4x, ...).
  23. Removed (Statistics HUD) Keyboard shortcut hints for Screen Shot and Next Player have been removed to make room for centered player names.

Beta 1.0 #4F (2013-12-15)

  1. Changed (Replication) Some variables/functions are no longer attempted sent/called if the network connection goes bad due to packet loss, making sure only core data is attempted updated on the client.
  2. Changed (Replication | Optimization | Bandwidth) Data about teammates (health, position) is now specifically sent to teammates, thus reducing data sent by 50% or more for players and 100% for spectators.
  3. Changed (HUD Team Info) Reduced player names popping in/out in networked games.
  4. Changed (Scoreboard) New spectator list shows many more names at the same time. Removed the scrolling spectator name bar and the lower right bar.
  5. Changed (First Blood | ReTAM | ReFreon) First Blood is now also only awarded once per match in round-based team games. Previously awarded for the first kill in every round. Players will instead receive an additional Preemptive Strike award for their first kill each round.
  6. Changed (ReFreon | Adrenaline) Adrenaline awarded now scaled down by 20 % as in 3SPN Freon.
  7. Changed (ReFreon | ReTAM | Adrenaline Combo) Adrenaline combos are now executed as in 3SPN. Previously prevented from executing due to potential side-effects.
  8. Fixed (ClientGotoState) Did not correctly enter some states.
  9. Fixed (Spectator Names) Now shows DemoRecSpectator, WebAdmin, etc.
  10. Fixed (ReFreon | Bots) All bots now focus on thawing players that have less than 80% thawed.
  11. Fixed (ReFreon | Bots) Should now stop firing at frozen enemies immediately.
  12. Fixed (UT2004) The function (PlayerWalking)PlayerMove () no longer forces a player to enter the dead state client-side when it does not have a pawn, unless the dead state has been set by the server.
  13. Fixed (UT2004) The teleport effect now rotates with player pawns when (SpawnProtection == 0). Previously used a fixed rotation.
  14. Fixed (Draw Detection) Did not correctly consider thawing players when counting living pawns.
  15. New (Spectator Location) The server now receives updates on the location of spectators and reinforces the current state. This should solve some relevancy issues and might solve sound issues.
  16. New (ReFreon) Added some robustness to the re-possession of player pawns.
  17. New (Elapsed Time) Added elapsed time to end of match console message.
  18. New (Command) ShowPoints Toggles showing team scores.
  19. New (Command) MoveRadar Place the radar where you want. MoveRadar X Y where X and Y are values in the range [0, 100].
  20. New (Command) SizeRadar Scale the size of the radar. SizeRadar UV where UV is a value in the range [0, 100].
  21. New (Command) ResetRadar Reset the size and position of the radar.
  22. New (ReFreon | Sounds) Added hit sound on frozen pawns.
  23. New (ReFreon | Sounds) Added hit sound on colliding with mover.
  24. New (ReFreon | Sounds) Added sizzling sound when thawed by lava.
  25. New (ReFreon | Sounds) Added dripping sound on thawing pawns.
  26. New (ReFreon) When a round ends, frozen pawns can be shattered by a certain amount of weapon damage.
  27. Removed (Compass) Previously drew an optional compass.
  28. Removed (Weapon Ammunition Indicator) Previously optionally drawn upon changing weapons.
  29. Removed (Weapon Name Color) Previously optionally drawn in white upon changing weapons.

General Beta Stuff

    Starting with version 1.0 Beta 4G, package names will be unique to each release. Previously, the package name remained Rev1b.u regardless of version.  The next package name will therefore be named Rev1b4g.u.


  • (Development) rejecht
  • (Legacy) The 3SPN Team whose legacy the ReFreon and ReTAM game type is based on.


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