My Planning Bio

About Us!  


Jake and I met in high school. We were both in band and had marched fairly close to each other durring marching band season. Our first real talk was about the Osborn family show. Anyway, even though we were both dating other people we flirted constantly and became really close friends, talking on line and becomming inseperable durring practice. In november 2004 we were FINALLY both single and decided to go on a  date. We went to see the Incredables (still a big favorite) and then to play at a park Jake knew about. After jumping off a swing trying to show off we both went to the 'big toy' and while hanging out by the slide Jake looked at me and adorably asked "go out with me, babe". I was so happy and totally charmed by his official asking that I started laughing after I said 'yeah'. That was November 21, 2004. 




More than 4 years later, after many trials and tribulations (a divorce, starting college, Army training) I found myself thinking I was buying a christmas present for his mom at Barns & Noble  when Jake handed me a bow covered copy of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. Thinking it was a sweet early christmas present I started turning through it only to find a diamond ring nestled in a cut out box in the middle of the book. After asking "really?" a couple times he told me he was going to need it as he got down on one knee, right there in the book store, and asked me to marry him. I said yes and made him put it on my finger. Smiles and hugs later I found out that my future brother and sister in law were there with their significant others and had been guarding the book the whole time. we relived the moment so pictures could be taken and headed out for a celebratory dinner where my family and our friends were meeting us. it was perfect, from the adorable stammering done by both of us to the family and friends that were right there.


Fur Baby!


 Jake and I have an adorable little boy polydactyle kitty we got 2 years ago. he was from an overcrowded litter and was the only black one in the bunch. It was love at first sight. He is now a spoiled little kitten who has settled on follow me around now that Jake is gone. (he's a man's man evidently) He is a precious little kittly who likes cat treats and cuddleing if your not going to play rough with him. (he enjoys tough love and hates his toes getting tickled, or his tail immobilized)