Current research members:
Dr Nuno M Reis (group leader),, +44(0) 1509 222 505

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Louisa Ejim, PhD student
"Novel meso-scale oscillatory baffled reactors for continuous crystallisation of APIs"

James McVeigh, PhD student
"3D printed mesofluidic devices for applications in diagnostics and continuous bioprocessing"

Ana Isabel Barbosa, PhD student
"Rapid immunoassays in fluoropolymer microfluidics"
Emma Neale-Edwards, PhD student
"Advanced stem cells bioprocessing analytics"

Wei Zhang, MSc student
“Production of porous microcapillary films by solvent extrusion”
Research visitors:
Filipa Pereira, University of Minho, Portugal
"Intensification of syngas bioconversation using oscillatory flow mixing"
Ana Castanheira, University of Minho, Portugal
"Multiplex cytokines detection using fluoropolymer microfluidics"
Aydin Cihanoglu, Ege University
"Rapid photo-oxidation and photo-degradation of compounds in plastic microcapillary films"
Past research members:

Dr Marco Lucas, Post-doctoral Research Associate (2013-2014)
"Intensification of gas-liquid contact mixing" 

Henrietta Adomako, MSc student (2013-2014)
"Continuous separations of biopharmaceuticals using fluoropolymer microfluidics"

Masooma Syed, MEng student (2014)
“Effect of operational modes on ABE fermentation for Biobutanol production from lactose”

Poonam Gehlot and Kalpita Sidrapa, BEng students (2014)
“Lab-on-a-phone for PSA detection”

Yara Al-Wazir and Hooran Bhatti, BEng students (2014)
“Proof-of-concept of a glucose biosensor based on microcapillary film”

Jindong Cui, MSc student (2013-2014)
Degradation of Pharmaceuticals by Ozonation and Advanced Oxidation Processes” (LU) (2013-2014

Aydin Cihanoğlu, MSc visitor from Ege University (2013-2014)
"Rapid photo-oxidation and photo-degradation of compounds in plastic microcapillary films"

Ana Castanheira, MSc visitor from University of Minho (2013-2014)
"Multiplex Cytokines detection using fluoropolymer microfluidics"

Ana Loo, Post-Doctoral Research Associate (2012)
"Novel nano-coatings for diagnostic applications"
Doris Moemba, MSc student (2011-2012)
"Segmented Gas-Liquid flow in microcapillary systems"
Christopher Ashton, MEng student (2013)
"Sustainable production of biofuels"
Rosemary Preece, MEng student (2013)
"Desinfection/detoxification of fluids in microcapillary photoreactors"
Emeka Agidi, (LU) (2012 - 2013)
"Oxygen mass trannsfer studies in a multi-orifice oscillatory baffled column"
Doris Khaemba, MSc student (2011-2012)
"Continuous separation of biopharmaceuticals"
Kanash Abilpeissov, MSc student (2011 - 2012)
"Scale-up of microslug liquid-liquid flow"