Latest news: Lab on a Chip publication, "Lab on a Stick: multi-analyte cellular assays in a microfluidic dipstick"

Welcome to Reislab website. We are a research group at Loughborough University.

We are passionate about developing new technological approaches to miniaturisation and intensification of a range of bioprocesses. Our multidisciplinary research activities span over a range of industrial challenges and three major research topics: 

Fluoropolymer microfluidics

We are developing a range of new microengineered tools for healthcare diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals based on a transparent melt-extruded fuoropolymer microcapillary film.


Oscillatory Flow Mixing

Exploring the enhanced gas-liquid contacting and plug flow performance we are developing novel technologies for intensification of multiphase problems, which includes continuous crystallisation.

Biofuels technologies

We are developing new bioprocess approaches for the intensification of aerobic and anaerobic fermentations, mainly focuses in Biobutanol ABE fermentation and syngas bioconversion to biofuels.