Camper´s Log (English)

Comming soon (Spring 2016)

So many experiences, a lot of great tours and a lot of nice people - these are the Camper's experiences. Some will stay in mind, some will also be lost. Or how was called the great Pitch in Edinburg? (there are 2).  

From this motivation we have created the Camper's Log. This log or diary for tent travellers, caravan riders and campers should document the many tours. 

The Camper's Log is the constant companion of campers. Many precious memories, pitches with evaluation activities and places can be captured with this attractively designed diary. 

In addition, the Camper's Log is an informative collection of tips and tricks as well as the central place of many important information for emergencies and in everyday situations.  

From the contents: Review entries, United Kingdom and EU overview maps, emergency numbers Europe, recipes for the journey, checklists, small vocabulary (D, E, I, F, ES), tank overview, notes, holidays contacts, weather hints ...)  

The Camper's Logbook is elaborately bound with a spiral binding. This can make it anytime remain pitched and you'll enjoy ist over years. 

The Campers Log is a diary for travellers, which offers 365 entries with the most important data for the route, parking and weather. This makes the original travel diary in college style so unique.


Hardcover (spiral binding): 144 pages
Envelope protected with plastic cover
Space for 365 diary entries
Language: English
Size and / or weight: 21 x 15 cm; 265 gr
Nature paper
Price: 14.95 EUR

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in Spring 2016.