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 October 02 2012

Iris, age 67, retired
Josef Scharf, 71, retired
Mountain bike tour to the Reisalpe (Lower Austria)
Review of the Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

The Reisalpen tour is a certain challenge...

The Reisalpe is rather high located (nearly 1.400 meters), and with a bicycle not easy to reach.

We circled around to find a way up, which takes a while and made our day distance rather long: 55 kilometers. Some parts so steep, that we have pushed the bike upwards. I never have been riding so long distances on my most easy sprocket ring. Downhill has been another difficulty, as because of the steep decent, braking the bicycle made the rear wheel drifting...

We have started at Wiesenfeld (near the city of Traisen) using the 'wrong' way up via Schindeltal, passed the Ebenwald summit, and later found the way up. We went down to Furthof and returned on the Traisen bike path back to Wiesenfeld.

An evening break and rest at the restaurant of 'Mostheurigen Karner', located at the Hafnerberg road, near the little town of Noestlach rounded our tour.

Our tour started 'wet' but ended in typical fall sunny conditions...

Enjoy the report and pictures.

Good luck to our followers.

That's what Wiki says about the Reisalpe:

The Reisalpe (1,399 m) is the highest mountain in the Gutenstein Alps and lies between Lilienfeld, Hohenberg and Kleinzell in Lower Austria. It is a popular destination, both for hikers in summer and also for ski mountaineering and snowshoe walks in winter, and is classed as relatively safe from avalanches.

Near the summit stands a Madonna, recently joined by a summit cross, as well as the Reisalpe refuge hut (Schutzhaus) opened on 9 October 1898 [1]. A small Austrian Armed Forces hut is also located in the vicinity of the summit.

The tour has been on the upper end of my ability of performace...: