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  --> One page works:  Signs, Posters and Leaflets:
                Most of the stuff is designed to be printed on a single sheet
                either 8½" x 11" or  8½" x 14".  Can also be printed on A4,
                or enlarged for large poster-sized sheets.

                ●     Hurricane Sandy:  Occupy Wall Street!
When Sandy visited NYC, she closed the NY Stock Exchange for two days in a row for the first time since 1888.  If you listened closely you could hear her cry “Occupy Wall Street!”
...OK, this image associating Sandy and OWS is not meant seriously.  The  Occupy Sandy Relief effort’s success, though, does deserve mention.  I’ve long thought the American Red Cross far less effective than the International Red Cross / Red Crescent.  But they reached a new level of ineffectiveness when they couldnt provide relief because roads were closed, while a spontaneous group of volunteers – whose main focus was not asking for money  – was already there helping victims.  http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/  (But while this sign’s association of OWS & Sandy is not serious, there actually is no evidence that Occupy Sandy Relief provided any assistance to the NY Stock Exchange...)