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  --> One page works:  Signs, Posters and Leaflets:
                Most of the stuff is designed to be printed on a single sheet
                either 8½" x 11" or  8½" x 14".  Can also be printed on A4,
                or enlarged for large poster-sized sheets.

●    It’s Up to Us  (The 99%) 
               A century ago, we were Wobblies...
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Song version of  “100 Years / 100 Words,” below.

    It’s Up to Us  (The 99%)   on YouTube:
 more soon

        ●    99%ers: 100 Years/100 Words 
               A century ago, we were Wobblies...
                    .PDF    .JPG   .PDF [print-area]
                    A very brief history.  
                         Original version of It’s Up to Us,” before it became a song.