Download from a list of maps that I have made for Half-Life 2/Deathmatch/Gmod/Counter Strike Source


Maps [I]






Dm_solarcanyon:   [Half-Life 2 Deathmatch]

Dm_solarcanyon took me a while to get set up. The concept itself was a bit outrageous. There were alot of things in it that were impossible for me to make in hammer editor at the time. If I could have added those features, the map would have been bigger and would have had alot of other neat things in it. The map is basically a cliff side that you fight on. The cliff has difficult terrain, making the fighting more complex, you have to have a good eye as to where your walking and have a quick trigger finger. I do plan to eventually go back in and edit the crap out of this map and make it look alot nicer than it already is. There is a small part of the cliff side that has a stretched texture, I wish I could have edited that at the time, but seeing how having few undo's makes everything hard as hell, it couldn't be done.  

  Download here


Dm_canal_ring:   [Half-Life 2 Deathmatch]

This map was a pretty neat project. I made a dynamic environment in it. The setting is a canal water supply facility, you only access a steam relief ring though. The map is completely circular and has different architecture than most maps. The whole place is flooded from the system leaking. The only exit is completely blocked off by debri and your basically stuck in the damn place. Every now and then, the middle pillar that connects the roof to the floor opens it's caps and releases a large amount of steam that makes a thin mist in the map, the mist eventually dissapates, this just makes the experiance cooler. The reason for this is because the system can get a tremendous amount of pressure built up in it, and it has to release the pressure every now and then. You can't be near the pillar at the time or it will hurt you if you touch the steam bursts. The detail is pretty decent. The only problem with this whole map is that the pillar caps are friggin detailed as hell from subdivison, so if you look at the pillar, you will recieve a large amount of lag from it. The map was going to be for fighting, but it never worked out since trying to fix the laggy pillar led up to even more problems, specifically the water. Also, the file download is missing a texutre, which would be the animated stream texture, so the tiny little stream will be checkerboarded with black and purple squares. I am just too busy with other stuff to deal with it.

Download here


Gm_micro_island:   [Garry's Mod]

This map was not a huge deal, the project was pretty small. I originally intended it to be a novelty map that people can just look at, like a representation of my work, the map is pretty well detailed and looks nice overall. I enjoyed working on it, this is version two though, version one isn't even worth looking at. It has alot less in it than version two. The only bug, which is not my fault, was an sdk update that made all displacement brushes (the island itself) have no physics collision, so if you spawn a prop in gmod while at this map, it will fall straight through the sand.

 Download here


Gm_solarcanyon:   [Garry's Mod]

You should already know what this map should look like, just view dm_solarcanyon for the description and a picture. All this is, is a garry's mod version of dm_solarcanyon.

Download here 


IT-Part One:   [Half-Life 2]

This was a map made by me AND my friend Darth. We both had small horror map projects we were working on, and then decided to combine them together. We made a small horror tilogy out of it. This is just part one, part two is still under construction. The map is basically strange sounds and events that occur to scare you. Play it at night and in the dark to be fair, any horror maps during the day suck balls. The triggering was fun in-game, but it wasn't fun to make in hammer editor, so please, give this map a try.

 Download here


Gm_construct_nub:   [Garry's Mod]

This was another small project, it was my version of the original map, "Gm_construct." I "nubbed", the map, which basically means that I tweaked it up a bit. There is one minor bug that kind of pisses me off, the water in the pond does not render, so you have inivisible water from above the surface, but going under water and looking around works out ok.

 Download here 


Fk_glasspit_reborn:   [Counter-Strike: Source]   

This is my signiture map... I guess. This is a glass map for Counter-Strike: Source. It is not my best, but it is a remake of my very first glass map, "fk_glasspit". The original had full-bright, which was ugly looking, but it was really fun. For some reason, I cannot remake it just like it was originally, it isn't as fun anymore. I guess that what they say is true, "The original is always the best".

Download here


Fy_snow_nub:   [Counter-Strike: Source]

This map is the remake of the legendary Counter-Strike 1.6 fight yard map called "Fy_snow". Basic layout, basic fighting, basic everything. I just made the map a little more natural looking. This is porbably the best snow remake your going to find out there, since no one decided to remake it themselves. It didn't take much to make it either, not that complex of a map, but I think it is worthy of a go around.

 Download here


Rp_zombie_courtyard:   [Garry's Mod]

This is a pretty fun map to play on in gmod. Basically, all I did was rip the Half-Life 2 courtyard from the trainstation from the sdk files then turned it into a zombie survival map. There are 8 traps emplaced within the map, one that does not work because of unknown reasons, the middle pillar is the bugged trap. You get some time to prepare for the battle. I reccomend spawning any good scripted weapons (sweps) that you have at your disposal. This is version two though, trust me, you want version two instead of version one. The double doors are locked at first, you need to find a metal box with a button attatched to it that will unlock the doors, there are three friendly floor turrets in the mini base, alot of boxes and some ammo. You shouldn't just camp in the base with the doorway completely barricaded, that makes it boring and cheap. Try to actually fight the zombies. Try this one out and see how you like it.

Download here