Reinersville Trade Days

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reinersville trade days
reinersville trade days - Trade Secrets
Trade Secrets
Trade Secrets
Trade Secrets is a novel about two women whose lives intersect on the trading floor of the world's largest Exchange during the crash of1987 and subsequent FBI investigation into trading infractions at the Chicago exchanges. Against this real- life backdrop, Remy Masterman becomes a member of the Exchange to unearth details surrounding her father's car crash. Facing Zach Silverman, once her father's partner and now Chairman of the Exchange, she unravels the devious web that has allowed him to steal trades from customers. When Zach's bagman, Jason, is targeted in the Federal sting, his high-heeled wife, Sarna, catapults herself onto the trading floor to save them from bankruptcy. Without realizing how his career will collide with hers, Remy has fallen in love with Ken Baldwin, the lawyer who choreographed the inquiry, while Sarna unwittingly becomes involved with one of the government moles. Finally, Jason's clerk, Joey, who has been pummeled along with investors, joins Sarna in concocting the bold, sexy scheme to save Remy from becoming a victim and topple Zach's regime.

Day.347.366 + D7H13439
Day.347.366 + D7H13439
just me in mono had a day off today ... it was very much like a Sunday (bliss) apart from I was also waiting in for 4 parcels to arrive! (eeeek: 3 different carriers too!) - Voigtlander Nokton 58mm f1.4 SL II arrived - new mini-tripod, rather posh, and very clever it is too - couple of SanDisk Extreme III 8GB card (switching to RAW in '09) - finally I got a spare battery for Felicity ... mini shopping fest! and yep, I forgot to go out to do the FGR Poone thing! Oh well. See everyone in the pub at 3pm tomorrow then (next up I can put all 3x of my ex-Nikon AF and 2x Sigma AF lenses onto eBay ... 2009 will be 40/2 + 58/1.4 only - daring move back to manual and that switch to manual) Strobist Note: one studio strobe with large soft box just to camera left, pointed directly up (you can tell by the darker shadow next to my t-shirt compared to my forehead)
Day 230: Hiding Behind The Music
Day 230: Hiding Behind The Music
Black & White week Day 2. I really wanted to do a diptych today because there were two pictures that I liked. I guess that would count as editing and i don't want to use one of my 2 editing opportunities for it.
reinersville trade days
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