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DAY 5 - Friday



You have now spent a week completely overloading your brain with new tech knowhow. Aside from this week of nonstop tech fun, have you noticed yourself struggling to focus even when you're not in front of a computer? Have you noticed a difference in your students' ability to focus? You're not alone. The internet is changing our brains and the brains of our students. While the mass benefits of technology are obvious through a summit like this, it's important to know what's going on in our gray matter. Dave will share the findings of various authors and researchers on how the Internet is affecting all of us, as well as educational and personal implications for the  way we live and think.

What's New with Google: Labs and whatever else is NEW or cool
At this point, we cannot tell you what you will witness on this morning, because some of it has not been released yet. Actually, some of what we show you may not even be developed or invented yet! Whatever we reveal to you, we promise it will be dazzling (or at least intriguing). 

Generac Hall - Ben (S034) - High School/Administrators
Generac Hall - Helen (S109) - Elementary
GWU - Dave - Middle
This is the time when you get to show off what you have been working on all week. During this time-frame, you will have a 10 minute period where you will be presenting your newly prepared classroom material (Apex Project) to the rest of your group and potentially the Summit at large. Be prepared to realize what you have accomplished and to see others have transformed their ideas. 

Lunch/Wrap Up - Enjoy one last meal on us and enjoy a bit more camaraderie before you let your brain rest from the week of Google.