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Moonshot Day - ????

Moonshot Day participants will attend all sessions listed below including optional break-out sessions of their choice.

9:00-9:34 am

Recoding Trivia Contest

It's time for a good old-fashioned, new-age, knock-down, collaborative, comprehension check. Participants will review together the ins and outs of what they learned earlier in the week, while having a good time of course. Yes, there will be prizes!

9:34-11:29 am

Moonshot Project Work Time (with optional morning session - see below)
This day is dedicated to shooting for the moon! Participants will work in pods, creating a project they would have never previously thought possible. Pod leaders will be there to offer support, push participants to explore boundaries and think bigger than ever before. Work, think, share, work, share, think, work, share, work, think, share, celebrate!

Optional morning session
Google Web: Power Searching
You may know how to find something online when you need to. Chances are that you may not be as good as you think. During this session, you will learn advanced search operators/functions of what started it all: Google Search.

11:30-12:15 pm
Lunch (provided)

12:15-12:17 pm 
Moonshot Day Eval

12:17-2:28 pm
More Moonshot Work Time (with optional afternoon sessions - see below)
Just keep working!

Optional afternoon sessions
Chrome Extensions
Some of you learned about Chrome Web Apps yesterday. This breakout is all about extensions for Chrome. This session will take participants through many of the important educational, utilitarian, personal and creative types of extensions. No purchase is required. Bring a willingness to explore, work and share.

Advanced Coding
Spend time diving deeper and working with real nerds on learning, writing, and exploring scripting and coding in Google Apps Script.

2:28-3:15 pm 
Moonshot Project SHOWCASE
Pods will cross-pollinate and share their projects with other pods to inspire and illuminate each other's minds.