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Core Day 2: Wednesday, June 21 (Teaching for Learning, Digitally Remastered)

8:30-8:50 am

8:55-11:15 am
Going Places with Google Forms and Student Data, Digital Storytelling and Coding for All (Let's Make Something!)
Learn how to design simple, robust, and innovative surveys, forms and assessments that will provide immediate, dynamic, and substantive feedback. See how to re-craft your assignments to incorporate varied digital assessments. Create your own sets of revitalized and relevant student response programs. Work with multiple apps and tools both inside and outside of Google. Telling Stories is not a thing of the past, it just has new and exhilarating options. Digital tools and innovative products like PowToon and Google Story Builder give us and our students exciting new ways to express ourselves. Join us in exploring the frontiers of storytelling in the digital age. No more talk. Time to get fingers active and brains inspired. Create something in code... at your level. 

11:15-11:50 am
Lunch (provided)

11:50 am-12:45 pm
Virtually Teaching
Virtual Field Trips, Mystery Skypes, and Virtual Reality will all be discussed and explored. Participants will also start creating their Virtual Reality photos and experiences to wow their students and friends. 

Afternoon break-out sessions - YOU PICK ONE!  
12:50-1:30 pm:
Making the Most of Makerspaces and Mindsets
Come and experience what all the rage is about. Design electronic guitars with vegetables, control objects with your smartphones, and just plain build something.


Student Response Apps: Socrative, Nearpod, Peardeck and More
Experience the amazingly powerful and ridiculously simple tools that can help teachers promote higher levels of engagement and better understanding. Explore several apps that can completely transform the way you teach in your classroom.

1:30-1:40 pm

Breakout sessions continued - YOU PICK ONE!
1:40-2:20 pm:
Productivity (Add-ons) with Google Forms (Repeat of Tuesday)
As if Forms were not amazing enough already, learn how to use plug-ins to create valid and remarkable assessment tools for generating online quizzes and tests. This hands-on session will walk participants through all they need to know about how to use Google Forms and Spreadsheets to generate and evaluate online quizzes. Participants will also learn other scripts that increase productivity in the classroom (and life!).  


Chrome Web Apps/Other Web 2.0 Tools
Everyone loves Google! But, the truth is that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of tools/websites/resources available online that aren't directly connected to Google. Some of these help users build fancy infographics. Others, allow teachers to take time-delineated notes on a YouTube video.  Let’s look at some of these tools to see how they can impact teaching and learning.


Break Out of the Mold with Breakout Box Projects (Repeat of Tuesday)
Experience the excitement and learning the Breakout Boxes can bring to any subject. Engage in problem solving, collaboration, ingenuity, and computational thinking are just some of the skills used and honed during Breakout teaching. Just be ready to beat the other team!

2:25-3:00 pm
It's time for a good old-fashioned, new-age, knock-down, collaborative, comprehension check. Participants will review together the ins and outs of what they learned earlier in the week, while having a good time of course. Yes, there will be prizes!