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Core Day 1: Tuesday, June 20 (Communication and Collaboration through Personalized Projects)

8:30-9:00 am
TED-style Keynote: Short, Explosive, and Illuminating

Imagine: Imagine education as it could be, lives that learn, education that lives, a classroom ahead of the curve presented by Joe Du Fore

Decades of multimedia, years of eLearning and social media, months of adaptive learning and mobile devices, and weeks of coding and makerspaces have snowballed into a brain-changing, paradigm-shifting megalith! How do we harness this powerful age of coalesced technologies to improve the lives of our students?

9:00-9:40 am
Moonshot, Genesis Design, Personalized PD, and Project Talk
Keeping the end in mind, there will be a brief discussion outlining Moonshot thinking and Genesis Design concepts that will drive thoughts and progress through the Core Days. 

9:40-9:50 am

9:50-11:20 am
Social and Learning Technologies, Inside and Outside of the Classroom (Padlet) (CRPs)
Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other tools include many features that make it ideal for classroom integration and continuous learning. With features like communities, educators can connect with other people who have similar interests or use it for classroom collaboration. For example, Hangouts can bring up to 10 people from around the world collaborating together with video and screen sharing. Social tools can benefit teachers and administrators, and can be used to provide professional development, continuous education and much more.

Google Classroom and other management technologies are some of the best possible ways to get and give STUFF (by stuff we mean myriads of educational content, data and resources) in a digital-based classroom. They can be used as a modified learning management system solution (a way to deliver to and get content from students and peers) or simply as a seamless management tool. Either way, participants will learn all about its functionalities and best uses.  

11:20-11:55 am

11:55-12:55 pm
Create a Website
Both Wix and Google Sites are simple to create, easy to manage and powerful tools to use. By using these tools, educators can organize and deliver education in an accessible and on-demand format. It also creates the backbone around which participants can build their Moonshot Project. Participants will learn how to create, modify and share a live website, equipping them to start their Moonshot Project construction. Among other things, participants will be shown how to create pages, insert Docs, manage content and embed videos. 

Afternoon break-out sessions - YOU PICK ONE!
1:00-1:40 pm:
Communicating with Pictures - 1000 Words Said with Power Apps 
This STEAM-centric breakout focuses on how to use Snapseed (Google’s photo-editor) in Google+, Google Drawings, and Picasa (a cloud app for sharing, editing and organizing photos) to create, edit and modify images all with the intention of classroom differentiation and creativity. A web-based image manipulation tool called Pixlr will also be explored.


Productivity (Add-ons) with Forms (Repeats on Wednesday)
As if Forms were not amazing enough already, learn how to use plug-ins to create valid and remarkable assessment tools for generating online quizzes and tests. This hands-on session will walk participants through all they need to know about how to use Google Forms and Spreadsheets to generate and evaluate online quizzes. Participants will also learn other scripts that increase productivity in the classroom (and life!).

1:40-1:50 pm

1:50-2:15 pm
Mastery/Proficiency Based Assessment and Grading to create a true Learner Continuum 
See how schools are using student-centered artifacts and digital tools to build and showcase their skills and how schools and teachers are using new grading models to develop mastery, not test-takers. 

Breakout sessions continued - YOU PICK ONE!
2:20-3:00 pm:
Video Production and Broadcast Basics: Greenscreening, Cutting and Scripting
What better way to have your students communicate than to have them create a Vine! It was just a decade ago that it would have cost you thousands of dollars to do any decent video editing. No more! Learn the tools, see project examples and get started on a smashing project. 


World Presence: The Blogosphere
The world is an arm’s length away. Attend this session and see how to design and implement both student and teacher blogs to tap into cultures, content, and classrooms around the globe.


Break Out of the Mold with Breakout Box Projects (Repeats on Wednesday)
Breakout Presentation
Experience the excitement and learning the Breakout Boxes can bring to any subject. Engage in problem solving, collaboration, ingenuity, and computational thinking are just some of the skills used and honed during Breakout teaching. Just be ready to beat the other team!