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PreFlight: Monday, June 19 (Mastering G-Suite)

This day is intended for the K-12 beginner/intermediate Google user.

When registering for PreFlight, participants will attend all sessions listed below.

8:30-8:55 am
Opening Remarks
Basic Introductions, logistics, where's and why's of core digital tools and how we should be thinking of education.

9:00-11:30 am
Google Drive Folders, Documents, Slides, and Gmail (CRPs(General Addons and Extensions) (Docs Review)
Participants will learn and work with the advanced features of storage and applications provided in Google Drive. From labeling to sharing, exporting to management, gain a firm understanding of how to generate, manage and disseminate all of participants’ soon-to-be-created expertise. Participants will also dive deep into the world of Google Documents and Slides. As an online word processor, Google Documents makes it easy to share documents online with colleagues via a Google account. Many of us use email every day, but that doesn't mean we're using it as efficiently and effectively as we could be. Participants will dig a bit deeper into settings, filters, add-ons, and productivity in Gmail.

11:30 am-12:05 pm
Lunch (provided)

12:05-1:35 pm

Making the most of Google Calendar and Spreadsheets (Calendar Review)

Calendars are often overlooked as highly effective management and classroom tools. Discover how to make a calendar sing, hum, whistle, and do everything that you need to keep your life and work organized and streamlined. Explore the power and simplicity of Google Spreadsheets with more high-level learning as well as hands-on integration of spreadsheets. Among other things, see how they can be used as data collection tools, calculators, collaboration tables and organizational tools. Learn all the functionality in Spreadsheets to 'efficientize' work.

1:35-1:45 pm

1:45-2:40 pm
Google Forms 
Tightly integrated with Spreadsheets, Forms offers amazing flexibility and convenience in collecting and organizing data. It's also a way to create advanced surveys that will adapt based on input.

2:45-3:00 pm
Debrief and get ready to Reimagine!