FREE Keynote Presentations @ WLC (in the Schwan Concert Hall)

WLC and the Instructional Design Center would like to welcome you to attend any or all of the following Keynote Presentations - Completely FREE of charge! No strings attached, no commitments needed, just show up. Be aware, you may be insanely jealous that you do not get to attend the entire Summit...

Monday June 17th, 8-9am: Transforming the Mind with Technology - Prof. Joe Du Fore

Decades of multimedia, years of eLearning and social media, months of digital resources and mobile devices, and weeks of massively open content have snowballed into a brain-changing, paradigm-shifting megalith! So, how are we to understand it all and what do we need to (or can we) do about it?

Tuesday June 18th, 8-9am: "Blending Technology and Common Core" - Caleb Hundt & Nick Bakke

Unpacking the Standards? Text Complexity? Napize? .... Whaaat? It's no doubt, the Common Core Era is upon us, and it's no secret that we are all a bit scared of it! No Worries! Technology is the most powerful tool that we have today. It enables us to strengthen and extend student learning, and offers our classrooms endless possibilities to reach heights and avenues that may have been previously deemed unattainable. We are now able to create amplified content, access experts, enhance background knowledge, promote collaboration, and help students understand and solve real-world problems. During the presentation, attendees will learn how to leverage technologies such as Google Apps For Education, iPads, and web2.0 tools in light of common core to engage and expand the knowledge of all learners. Participants will learn how these 21st century educational tools can be blended effectively with their districts common core curriculum. This engaging session will provide all teachers an opportunity to understand the CCSS and take home practical ideas to implement right away.

Thursday June 20th, 8-9am: - Work With Me Here: Collaboration Using Google Apps - Chad Kafka

Chad Kafka, Tech Integration Specialist & Google Certified Teacher/Trainer, will share stories and examples where collaboration is at the heart of what we should be doing in education and how Google Apps can help to enhance our working together.  Examples will be shared for how any educator can ignite the spark of collaboration among their students using these tools and really bring out the skills students will need as they move into the real world from their K-12 education.

Friday June 21st, 8-9am: "Hey!...Focus" - David Tess

You have now spent a week completely overloading your brain with new tech knowhow. Aside from this week of nonstop tech fun, have you noticed yourself struggling to focus even when you're not in front of a computer? Have you noticed a difference in your students' ability to focus? You're not alone. The internet is changing our brains and the brains of our students. While the mass benefits of technology are obvious through a summit like this, it's important to know what's going on in our gray matter. Dave will share the findings of various authors and researchers on how the Internet is affecting all of us, as well as educational and personal implications for the  way we live and think.

joe du fore,
Jun 11, 2013, 11:38 AM