Waukesha Academy 2017
3 Days of Redefining, Recoding, and Reimagining Education
Select 1, 2, or 3 Days of Learning 
1 Graduate Credit Available Each Day

Harness the power of Google, Cloud Tools, and dozens of other innovative apps and practices to build learner capacity. It doesn't matter if you are a K-12 teacher, a specialist, or an administrator, the tools, training, and content are tailored to move all participants from adoption to implementation... easily and impactfully. 

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June 19: PreFlight

This day is dedicated to apps like Google Forms, Slides and Calendar. Guaranteed to go at your pace and ensure you are ready to hit day two running. 

June 20 & 21: Core Days

Join us for PreFlight (June 19), or just jump right in for some innovative planning, learning, and designing. See what it means to code in class, create adaptive learning content, and plan to raise student achievement during these two core days of crazy learning and fun!

Google Cardboard
Moonshot Goals

Ready to redesign your teaching and lessons? The entire academy revolves around you setting your own audacious goals and plan... and then we will help you work toward shooting for the moon and these new ideals.